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2018 - 2019

At Schreiner University, we believe you should be awarded for your hard work in high school. When you are accepted as a freshman, your Admission Counselor will determine what level of merit scholarship you have earned based on your high school GPA and your composite ACT score or your SAT scores. We will also increase your merit scholarship if your GPA and/or test scores increase to the next level during your senior year of high school. Check out our chart below, or use our Freshmen Merit Scholarship Calculator.

(Other types of students, such as Greystone, Veterans, Vocational Nurses, Graduates, or on-line BSN students, should review the aid offered for their program of study.)

Freshmen Merit Scholarship Calculator

Freshman Scholarship Merit Chart

Note: Either SAT or ACT scores are accepted. For SAT scores prior to March 2016 ("Old SAT"), we will use the Critical Reading and Math scores. For SAT scores beginning March 2016 ("New SAT"), we will use the EBR and Math scores. We will super score similar SAT scores. The admission staff will recalculate all high school GPA's to a 4.0 scale for equity purposes.

These awards are based on your accomplishments in high school. However, more scholarships, grants, work study and loan options may be available to you based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( Follow the steps to your financial success today:

  1. Apply & Get Accepted to Schreiner University
  2. Apply for Outside Scholarships
  3. Complete the FAFSA at (Our School Code – 0003610)
  4. Review your Financial Aid Award Letter with your Admission Counselor to know the true value of your Schreiner Education

*Merit scholarships are renewable for four years based on student maintaining eligibility. Trustee and Presidential Scholarships require a 3.0 cumulative college gpa. All other merit levels require a 2.0 cumulative college gpa. See SAP requirements or contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information. All merit scholarships are tuition specific.