Important Deadlines

Undergraduate Admission Deadlines

Fall Semester
Priority Deadline - May 1
Late Deadline - August 1 (based on space available)

Spring Semester
Deadline - December 1

Summer Semester
Priority Deadline - May 1
Late Deadline - June 1 (based on space available)

Graduate Admission Deadlines
Priority Application Deadlines
Summer - May 25th
Fall - August 1st
Spring - January 10th

Vocational Nursing Admission Deadlines (LVN)
Application Deadlines
January Class - September 15th

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Admission Deadlines (BSN)

Please note - you must first be admitted to Schreiner University through the Undergradate Application process and have completed (or will complete) all of your prerequisite courses before you can apply to the BSN program. 

Application Deadline
Fall Class - February 1st