Parents & Families

Welcome Parents & Families of Future Mountaineers!

Here are the quick facts and important information you will need to help your student through the admission process.

Application Process:

  1. Apply online 
  2. Pay the $25 Application Fee or Submit a Fee Waiver from the high school (Note: Students that make an official campus visit and apply within one month of visiting could qualify for a fee waiver.)
  3. Submit official high school (or college) transcripts and official ACT or SAT scores

Once your student applies, they will receive an email with their Schreiner One account information. This will allow them to check their application status online and see the next important steps.

Requirements & Deadlines

At Schreiner University, we take a holistic approach to the admission process. We will evaluate your student's GPA, class rank, test scores and other aspects to make an admission decision.
Here is what the average incoming student looked like this past year:

  • 1000 SAT (Critical Reading + Math Scores Combined)
  • 22 ACT
  • Ranked in the top half of the class
  • 3.53 GPA on a 4.0 scale

Outside of the basic stats listed, our incoming students have a passion for learning, are seeking smaller classes taught by professors who care and are focused on every student's academic success, and are ready for hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom.
Our priority application and financial aid deadline is May 1 of the senior year. However, students are strongly encouraged to apply well before then to ensure plenty of time to work through the process and then make a final decision.

Financial Aid

We offer competitive financial aid packages to our students. It is important to remember that schools cannot offer scholarships or other financial aid until your student has been accepted and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at So the first step is to apply – and then see what we can offer your family before you make a final decision.

How can you help your student?

  • Start by talking to them about options and help them to research schools.
  • Review our 4-year planning list with them to discuss how to prepare for college.
  • Visit colleges as a family, to see classrooms, talk to professors, meet with Admission & Financial Aid Counselors.
  • Encourage them to get their applications done early and then work on the FAFSA together.
  • Help the to find their dream school that fits their needs.
  • Join our Parent Newsletter to get the latest information on campus.
  • Call or email us any time if you have questions!
  • Visit our Parents & Families main website for more details.