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Admission & Aid

Schreiner University is uniquely welcoming, appealing to students from all backgrounds. We have generous financial aid and counselors that actually meet with students and families to help them through the process.

Ready to be a Mountaineer? First you have to determine what type of student you are! Check out the descriptions and links below to get you more information directly related to what you need.

Freshmen – You are a student who has graduated from high school or completed your GED and you have NOT attempted any college credits after graduation.  (Note: While you can receive college credit at SU for your dual credit/AP classes, you must still apply as a freshmen if you have not taken classes after graduation.)

Transfer – You are a student who has attempted college hours after high school graduation, regardless of the number of hours you have earned. You are interested in completing an undergraduate degree.

Returning Student – You have previously attended Schreiner University as an undergraduate student, have not been to another college since you were last here, and you have been away more than one semester or did not leave on good standing. (Note: If you have attempted college hours since you were last at SU, please see the Transfer section.)

Graduate – You have completed an undergraduate degree and are considering one of our Graduate programs in Education or Business.

Veteran – You have proudly served our country in one of the military branches and are now looking to complete your undergraduate degree or graduate degree. Choose from the Undergraduate or Graduate application. Also check out our Financial Aid page for more information on how you can use your VA Benefits at SU.
International Student – You are a citizen of a country other than the United States and interested in our undergraduate programs. Regardless of credit earned, you will complete an International Student application.

Greystone – You are interested in the Greystone program at Schreiner University, geared towards students planning to attend one of the military academies and would like to go through one year of intense preparation.

Nursing – You are interested in either our one-year Vocational Nursing (VN) certification, one-year Online RN to BSN undergraduate degree, or four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) undergraduate degree. These three programs have different applications, costs, requirements and start dates.  If you are interested in the four-year BSN program, you must first apply to SU through an undergraduate freshman/transfer application.

Audit/Non-Degree – You are planning to take classes for enrichment purposes only, or taking classes to transfer back to your current college.

Early Admission – You are a local high school student interested in taking college classes during your senior year of high school.