Prospective Parents

What current Schreiner parents say about the Schreiner experience...

"Dr. Summerlin, thank you so much for sending the newspaper clipping of Ally. We have four kids and like to keep everything! It was special to have you send it and we wanted you to know how much it was appreciated. Both Ally and Kat thanked us recently for pushing them to go to Schreiner University. It feels good as parents to know they are so happy. Thank you for all that you do for the students."  RONNIE & BETH HARRELL

"Ryan is really enjoying his freshman year at Schreiner. Shortly after his initial tour of Schreiner during his junior year of high school, Ryan knew that Schreiner was a perfect fit for him. The visibility and access to professors, tutors, deans, advisors, and learning support are truly unique attributes of Schreiner University. Ryan has particularly benefited from the small classroom environment and access to all the support he needs to be successful while at Schreiner and in the career of his choice."  MIKE & LINDA CLARK

"Schreiner University has been the perfect place for our daughter.  Our daughter is significantly learning different. Out of high school, she initially attended Baylor University on an academic scholarship. While she passed all of her classes, the learning environment was frustrating. The classes were very large; many were taught by graduate assistants; her interface with her instructors was mostly impersonal. She found Baylor's learning-different program lacking. Cara is now a 1st semester Junior and has been here at Schreiner since the second semester of her freshman year. Schreiner has been a wonderful setting for our daughter. From the start, all of her classes have been relatively small. All her professors have been PhDs. Schreiner's parallel learning-different support program has been incredible, second-to-none."  MITCH WEATHERLY, Kerrville, TX

"College 'move in' day arrived and our family began the drive to Kerrville. The car was filled with boxes and my eyes were filled with tears. Leaving your child in the hands of strangers creates a sense of fear and apprehension. I tried to hold my composure as we started to unpack the car. Immediately, we were greeted by his baseball coach who announced he had been waiting to finally meet Bill. I knew from that very moment we were simply handing him off to another welcoming family. As we pulled out of the parking lot, my eyes were still filled with tears but they were tears of joy. The administration, teachers, and students at Schreiner University have embraced our son and truly given him a home away from home."  LYNNE TENNANT, San Antonio, TX

"Our family would like to thank you for offering our son, Tim the opportunity to participate in the Best of Italy trip with S.U.   He called us a few days into the trip to let us know that he was having a wonderful time and that and he was so excited to be in Italy. When the group had a delay in Denver on Saturday, as you returned, we spoke about his travels and again I could sense how awesome and meaningful the trip had been to him.  We feel that offering students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom and then letting them experience first hand what they learned makes for a well rounded individual.   I wrote our family and shared some information about the places that he visited and how the citizens of Italy differed from the citizens of the U.S. The family was pleased to hear that he had a great time, that he had the opportunity to travel abroad and was able learn more about our world. If our family can ever be of service to you please do not hesitate to call or email us."  LATHA TUCKER, Lubbock, TX

"As parents, we struggle to provide the best possible foundation and opportunities for our beloved children.  Upon graduating from HS, Larry III,  possessed much raw talent & high caliber qualities. He was fundamentally prepared for college but we feared he may very well get "swallowed-up" at a large, name-brand state school (he agrees).  At Schreiner, he is experiencing academic rigor (biology), gleeful choir, and first-rate athletics, as well as being prepared for a bright future in the real a highly supportive Hill Country collegiate environment. What more could a student possibly want? He's extremely happy and we're exceptionally proud. Make Schreiner University your first choice!" LARRY J. SCHAD, Major, USAF, Fair Oaks, TX

"The small student body and the faculty-to-student ratio has been the best experience for our daughter, Elaine. It allows all students the opportunity to grow both academically and socially. College is not just about academic education but also learning to balance work, community and family. Schreiner helps students to learn this balance, teaching them the skills to be productive adult citizens of their future communities.  Elaine has really enjoyed Schreiner and for the first time is able to be really involved."  LIZ MURRAY, Kerrville, TX

"As a Chicago mom who didn't want her son to go to school too far away from home, I didn't know much about Schreiner University except that Texas was a long, long way from Illinois. What I have learned in the last two years is that Schreiner is a wonderful, welcoming and enriching place for our son, Josh.  And it's a school that finds a way to warmly embrace not just its students but their families as well.  We are huge Schreiner fans."  CAROL MARIN, Chicago, IL

"Tution at Schreiner is a small price to pay when I see how my daughter Kim has grown, matured, and the academic success she has achieved."  KATHY MASCARITOLA, Mesquite, TX

"My daughter has had a wonderful experience at Schreiner. As a Presbyterian minister, I am particularly pleased with the campus ministry program. They are very involved and help the students stay focused spiritually as well as academically. One of the big reasons my daughter was able to attend Schreiner was because of the availability of a wide variety of scholarships from fine arts to academics. The financial aid department has been very helpful, so much so that my son, a High School Senior, is now considering Schreiner. "  THE REV. KENNETH LANE, Mexia, TX