Student Stories:  Andrea Botha

Andrea Botha
















Schreiner University senior André Botha really came the long way around to get to Schreiner—geographically speaking. And he didn’t come alone. His younger brother Stefan is also a Schreiner student. Born in South Africa of Dutch extraction “if you trace it far enough back,” André’s family moved to Calgary, Canada, when he was 5 years old. That’s something like jumping out of the frying pan into the freezer. Four years later, the Bothas all moved to Boerne, Texas.

Why Boerne? “My father is a mechanical and dental engineer,” André said. “He had done some installation work in Austin, drove through Boerne and liked it.

“I guess you think cities are really cool when you’re young,” he added, “but not when you’re settling down.”

Right after graduating from Boerne High School in 2007, André enrolled in Schreiner’s Vocational Nursing Program. He graduated in 2008, took two months off to study and was licensed in October of that year. He went to work at North Central Baptist in San Antonio.

“Talk about a wake-up experience to life,” he said. “Working in a hospital will really do that for you.”

André will graduate in 2012 with a major in exercise science. He plans to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, but ultimately, he is looking at a master’s degree and a career in sports psychology.

“A CSCS works more in training teams rather than individuals, like a personal trainer,” he said. “The focus is on get ’em bigger, faster, quicker. Sports psychology is more a mental approach.”

Why did he choose Schreiner? “I came here for my LVN because Schreiner had a good nursing program,” André said. “I liked what I saw here, and Schreiner definitely had the classes and degrees I was looking for. I think I’m more a small school person. It’s easier to thrive at a smaller school. I sure wouldn’t want to be in classes with 300 people.”