Can I afford to attend Schreiner University?

Schreiner students are from all economic backgrounds.

Here’s the family income distribution of Fall 2015 students who applied for financial aid.

So, how much is Schreiner's Tuition?

Look at how we compare to other schools from 2014 - 2015

Tuition Comparison

2014-2015 tuition and fees

Schreiner University

Current Fall 2016

Schreiner University $24,360

Texas 4-year Private University $25,450

4-year Private University $28,402

San Antonio Area Private University $27,441

(includes tuition and mandatory fees)

Source: National Center for Education Statistics. Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System 2014-2015 Pricing and Tuition

how many ways can Schreiner Help?

Average 2015 incoming freshmen financial aid package (including grants, scholarships, loans).

Each student’s cost is based merit, need and eligibility for scholarships and grants. Our Financial Aid team will go the extra mile to get you every dollar for which you are qualified.

99% of incoming freshmen received financial aid last fall.

Textbooks? Nothing additional--they're covered by tuition.

What about scholarships?

This fall, Schreiner awarded over $3 million dollars in merit aid to incoming freshmen. 

I’m sure you can be one of them! It is based on how successful you are in high school!

 (High School GPA, SAT or ACT Scores, Student Involvement, Class Rank, etc.)

Should I be worried about student debt when I graduate?

$26,617 is the average student loan debt of Schreiner students (Class of 2014) – below the national average of $28,950.

Data from the Project on Student Debt report from the Institute for College Access & Success.

You can also Finish Quicker and Save Money!

You might consider Schreiner’s 3-year graduation program.

You can save close to $16,000 in college cost and increase your earnings by more than $100,000!

What programs does Schreiner Offer?

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Over 40 programs and majors to choose from.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of General Studies

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Master's Degree Programs

You can obtain a Master’s Degree at Schreiner, too.

Master of Business Administration

Master of Education

Why is Schreiner worth My Investment?

The Schreiner Experience

Meaningful Work

300+ Employment positions on campus 
Over $500K income paid to student workers
Over 300 Employer Connections

Changing Global Society

144 Students traveled to 7 countries last year 
1,000 people attended 20+ multicultural events 
12 foreign countries represented on campus

Purposeful lives

2,035 Community Service Hours 
Over 40% of the undergrad population volunteers
Growing partnerships throughout Hill Country

Student Satisfaction

Schreiner beats out other national private schools on many key measures of student satisfaction.

Academic Advising

Campus Safety




Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey Results (2015)

Access to Faculty

Undergraduate research Schreiner undergrads can propose research projects and work closely on them with faculty.

Student to Faculty ratio 14:1

Common Data Set (2015)

Compete in sports at all levels

NCAA Division III Sports







Intramural sports



ultimate Frisbee




Flag football

and more

Club Sports

nationally recognized shooting team


Spirit Team


bass fishing

and more

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