Become An Ally

Allied AdvanceHow to Join
As a university-based program, you may only become an Ally if you are a student, staff, or faculty member of Schreiner University in Kerrville, TX. If you happened upon our site via a search engine and are not a member of the SU community, feel free to use our resources. We hope they will benefit anyone and everyone that comes across them!

To become an Ally, you must attend a training session, hosted twice each long semester, one during a lunch period and one for dinner. As always, a meal will be provided. Although no supplies are needed, we encourage you to bring along stories and personal experiences to enlighten the other trainees and members. We try to have at least one previously trained Ally from each ‘university group’ attend each training session for support (one student, one staff, one faculty).

If at the end of the training session you do not feel comfortable becoming an Ally, don’t. You are not required to become an Ally simply because you attended the training session. We will be happy that you attended none-the-less, knowing that you will take your new knowledge with you.

If you do become an Ally, you will receive Ally placards to be displayed on your office or dorm-room door (or wherever you see fit). You will also receive the Ally Manual, which will help guide you if a student decides to come talk to you.

Maintaining Membership
Although it is not required, we encourage involvement with Ally activities. Lack of visibility of members can be an issue in this group; outside of the placard it may not be obvious that you are a member. We hold monthly meetings, and try to coordinate the occasional group activity. Participation in group activities will help people recognize you as an Ally. But as stated previously, it is not required.

Information contained within these pages were compiled and written by Allied Advance members, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Schreiner University. Allied Advance takes full responsibility for all content contained in these pages.