Mission and Goals

Former Students
It shall be the purpose of the SFSA to promote the welfare of Schreiner University, hereinafter referred to as “Schreiner” or the “University”, to serve its former students, to foster closer fellowship among them and to provide a medium through which they may participate in the affairs of Schreiner.  The activities of the SFSA shall be consistent with the overall goals and objectives established by Schreiner’s board of trustees, administrators, and other properly designated officials.

The mission of the SFSA is to bring former students together in fellowship, sharing new information and uniting them with current students, faculty and administration, thereby enhancing the strength and vitality of the University.

The affairs of the SFSA shall be governed by the SFSA Board of Directors herein defined as “the Board”.  The Board and the Schreiner Alumni Relations staff shall see that the affairs of the SFSA are conducted in accordance with the laws relating to Texas non-profit corporations.

Any former student of Schreiner Institute, Schreiner College or Schreiner University is automatically a LFETIME MEMBER of the SFSA.  A former student shall be defined as one who has enrolled and received credit at Schreiner.  As of June 1, 2011 there is no payment of dues for former students to be a member.

The Board shall be composed of the following members:
1)    Officers (3).  President, Vice President and Secretary.
2)    The Immediate Past President (1).
3)    Directors (up to 5 representatives from each decade).  Board members-at-large.

SFSA Board

The current board is made up of the following:
President:   Cathy Carden Henry, SI 1964 ..... (2017)
Vice President:   Kenneth Bethune, SU 2005  ..... (2017)
Secretary:    Cindy Becker SU 2006 ..... (2017)

Immediate Past President:
Steve Daniels, SC 1980

At Large Members:
Suzi Gee Schneider, SC 1974
Spencer Blocker, SI 1952
Pat Biesiadecki, SI 1968
Robert T. Crockett, SC 1988
Rene Canales, SC 1995
Darci Grice, SC 1981
John Waller, SC 1993
Brian J. Peterson, SC 1999
Tom Koger, SI 1958
Dan Ostos, SI 1960
Bud Benning, SC 1979
Henry Cadena, SU 2006
Royle Berry- SI 1971
Corrine Carlisle, SI 1956
Luis Flores, SI 1972
Heather Lee-Green, SU 2008
George Jenkins, SI 1972
Gary Lee, SI 1968
Chris Moralez, SC 1990
Charles Quereau, SI 1966
Phillip Read, SU 2000
Maggie Rios, SU 2013
Tammi Clanton, SC 1998
Dr. James Starr, SI 1961
Mary Pruski-Walker, SI 1973
Krissy Whittington, SC 1984
Wayne Youngblood, SI 1956