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Glen Sunderman(SI 1972)
Bryce Vincent(SU 2003)
Barry Mills(SC 1983)
Caleb Ambrose(SU 2010 & 2014)
Oscar Elizondo(SC 1984)
Monty Lyne (SI 65'), Dana Carman (SU '14), and Jean Coquat (SI '69) had lunch in Three Rivers, TX in June 2015
Former GolfersSteve Daniels (SC '80), Steve Smith (SC '80), John Lackey (SC '80), Bill Ward (SC '81)
Dr. Jose Lopez(SI '72)
Ray Amaro(SU '05)
Tammy Lusinger(SC '90)
David Farber(SC '90)
Craig Smith (SC '92)and Roland Ingram (SI '62)
Abe Garcia (SU '07)and Nick Morrison (SU '09)
Cliff Wiese(SC '88)
Mary Wingo(SU '07')
Coach David Hamberger(SI- 1953-58) & one of his players Tommy Tate (SI '57)
John Waller(SC '93)
Theresa Haglund-Menges& Melissa Haglund (twins)(SC '93)
Kaleb Kothe(SU 2004)
Steve Leffingwell(SI 1970)
George Humphries (SI '40)and wife Pat
Jacky Franklin(SI '64-'71)
Richard Herbst and wife Michele -- both are former coaches at Schreiner
Mike Reid (SI '50)and wife Cordelia
Paul with Reggie West(SI '51) ... Reggie was inducted in Athletic Hall of Honor April 2009
Golf outing with Ft. Worth Alums June 2009
Tino (SC '94) and Mandy Salazar (SC '99) with Stephanie Gamble (SC '89)....all coaches atMarble Falls ISD
Joe Caero(SC '74)
Donald Jones(SI '63) & wife Marilyn
Golf with Drew Miller, Schreiner Men’s Coach, and two members of the 1968 Schreiner Men’s TeamMay 2009
David Hulse (SC '90)& Coach Dr. Bob Henry
Schreiner Institute Alums '66/'67 during RECALL '09L to R: Randy Roberts, Ralph Tate, Bobby Douglas, Jim Stokes & Bond Cosby
J.A. Strickland(SI '42)and wife Mildred
Samantha Flynn (SC '83)flew from her home inEngland for Recall '09
Tom Thornhill (SI '57)and Paul Camfield
Lee Weathersbee (SI '63) and wife Najla at Del Rio gathering
Kelly Acker (SC '77)
Claire Lanham (SC '85)& Krissy Whittington (SC '84) Both live in Temple & workat the same business
Kelly Danelly (SI '70)was member of 1969men’s soccer team
J. Fort Smith (SI '51)with wife Sandra at theirhome in Camp Wood
George Bauer (SI '69)was 5-yr man at Schreiner,3 in HS & 2 in JC
Gary Gool (SI '68)
Dr. Randy Moran (SI '69)
John Cain (SC '91)
Russell Joseph (SI '69)
Reggie West (SI 51)with Paul
Bob Cunningham (SI '43) with his wife of 61 years, Elizabeth
Bill Canavan (SI ’59)and granddaughter
Kye Laffoon (SC '73), Steve Daniels & Randy Broyles (SC '80) were members of the Schreiner golf team
Steve Daniels & Randy Broyles (SC '80) were members of the golf team
Scott Speck, SFSA President, and his wife Michele stand in front of their new restaurant in New Braunfels, TX
Buck Bernstein (SC '78) and brother Bart (SC '79) were members of the Schreiner men’s tennis teams & currently teach at Sweetwater CC in Sugarland, TX
Paul recently visited Murfreesboro, TN, and had lunch with Raymond Berry, SI ’51 (left), and Steven Hopkins, SC ’94. Mr. Berry is a member of the Schreiner Athletic Hall of Honor
Donald W. Jones (SI ‘63)
Tom Robb (SI '56)and wife Patricia
The SFSA board held their spring meeting before the beginning of Recall in April.
A small group of former students met for dinner in Ft. Worth at Angelos BBQ. L to R: Becky Travis (SC '84), Luis Flores (SI '72), and Luis’s wife Jo Ann. Not pictured Don Jones (SI '63).
Dr. Summerlin and alumni from Austin area gathered at Center for American History in June '08 for tour of the archive & viewed rare items such as letters from Stephen F. Austin & John Lomax.
Members of last Schreiner Institute football team got together for golf in Grapevine in May '08. L to R: Jack Parkhouse, Tom Thornhill, Head Coach John Hamberger & Bill Dearing.
Tom Baldwin & Armando Garza, members of first class of 4-year college graduates in 1984, met recently to plan for their 25th reunion in 2009.
Dr. Bill Campbell (SI '40) &Dr. Vic Niemeyer (SI '37)
Waco GatheringMarch 2008
Troy Dusek (SU '99)
Steve Daniels (SC '80)
Sam Gottlich (SI '47)and wife Diane
Ralph Storm (SI '48)
Bill Fox(SI '59)
John Hamberger & Tommy Tate. John was the football coach at Schreiner from '53-'58. Tommy Tate (SI '57) played for Hamberger in fall of 1956.
Dr. Steven Ware, III(SC '71)
Art Wavell (SC '88)
Theo Blue (SI 51)SU Distinguished Alumni 2007
David Crowell (SI '48)
Karlos Kothmann (SI '58)
Maurice Tipton (SI '47)
Dr. Juan Campos (SI ‘68)
Bond Cosby (SI '67)
Mike Guerrero (SC '69)
Jason Cummings (SC '92)
Darby Wagner (SC '94)& Family
Dr. James Freeman(SI H.S. '70)
Carol Nagel (SI '67)& Lynn LeMellieur (SI '68)
Alex Remschel (SC ‘94)
Craig Smith (SC ‘93)
Pat Biesedecki (SI ‘68)
Adam Pollard (SC ’90) & son Jackson wearing the newFuture Mountaineers t-shirt
Schreiner Alums at theCorpus Christi Hooks gameJuly 31st, 2007
SFSA Corpus board members(l to r) Arthur Wavell, Paul Camfield, Rene Canales& Sam May
Byron Bitner (SC ’82)of Big lake
Tom (SI '58) & NancyKoger of Big Spring
students at Michaels Grill in Midland (owner Michael Shapira 66’)
May Dell & Cliff ('51)Kellett
Ann & Ed ('56)Berrio
Jacob & Kari ('83)Shorts
Amber, Emily, Joel &John Caylor
Dr. William Campbell ('40)
Joan & Chester ('47)Nowak
Cordelia & Mike ('50)Reid
Lari Whitten-Crenshaw ('86)
Shauna Dodds ('02)& sis Sara

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