Customize Your Schreiner Payment Plan Today!

Schreiner University
provides convenient tuition payment plan options, giving you financial flexibility.

Set up a payment plan
We’ve all been there; sometimes you just can’t pay the entire bill all at once. To meet this need, SU has partnered with TMS (Tuition Management Systems) to provide tuition payment plans that are easy and convenient—enabling you to pay all or part of your annual charges in installments - without interest. You simply:

  • Enroll online
  • Choose an annual or semester plan
  • Spend the time focusing on your studies instead of stressing about tuition!

Follow these simple steps to enroll:
Step 1.  Verify account balance with Accounting Services or using the Cost Estimate Calculator:
Step 2.  Go to
Step 3.  Enroll for the payment plan that best suits your situation.

Are there enrollment deadlines or fees?
Yes. Please review the following schedule for upcoming deadlines and fees:

Enrollment Deadline # of Payments Enrollment Fee
May 1 12 $95
June 1 11 $95
July 1 10 $95
August 1 9 $65
Enrollment Deadline # of Payments Enrollment Fee
July 1 5 $65
August 1 4 $65
Enrollment Deadline # of Payments Enrollment Fee
December 1 5 $65

Have questions?  
Call Schreiner University Accounting Services Office for help at 830.792.7363

Please refer to the Truth in Lending Act disclosures and terms and conditions of your tuition payment plan for more information.

Can others make a payment on my behalf?
You now have the ability to designate a parent or guardian, or a third party payer, to view and pay your bills.  You simply need to set them up as authorized users on CashNet.  Once set up, your authorized users can then access the system directly to view your account transaction history and make payments.