Schreiner Work-Study Program

Thank you for your interest in the Schreiner Work-Study Program. We are here to support the academic programs at Schreiner University by providing students with career development opportunities and meaningful work experiences, which lead to purposeful lives.

Interested in a Work-Study position? 

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Complete the Work-Study Application. Save the application as a document and email it as an attachment to David Reast at or bring it by the Career Development Center office on the 2nd floor of the CCAC. When we receive your application, we will check the Financial Aid award list.  If we don't find your name, you will be directed to Financial Aid.  If you are on the award list, we will give you the list of available work study jobs.
  2. Contact prospective employers/supervisors and schedule interviews. Take a copy of your application (and a resume if you have one) with your class schedule to your interviews. Remember, this is a real job interview, so put your best foot forward!
  3. If you offered a job contact David Reast, Coordinator of Meaningful Work, to schedule an orientation session. During Orientation, you will learn about the goals and policies of the Work-Study Program, complete your payroll paperwork and be instructed in our electronic timekeeping system. You MUST go through orientation before beginning work!
  4. If you are not hired and are sincerely interested in a work-study position, contact David Reast at (830) 792-7451. Sometimes work-study openings occur later in the semester.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The offer of work-study funds in your financial aid award letter does not guarantee a job; it only makes a student eligible to go through the interview process. A student must be hired by a supervisor for a specific position to earn the work-study funds.

Work-Study Application
Work-Study Withdrawal Request
Work-Study Employee Handbook


Financial Aid Office
Denise Ames, Asst. Director of Financial Aid
(830) 792-7228

Career Development Department
David Reast, Coordinator of Meaningful Work:
(830) 792-7451

Mailing Address:
Schreiner University Work-Study Program
CMB 6227
2100 Memorial Blvd.
Kerrville, Texas 78028

Hours:   Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


How does a student find a work-study job on campus? To be eligible for these positions, a student must have been awarded work study through the Financial Aid Office. The Coordinator of Meaningful Work then assists the student in locating open positions on campus. A work study award does not guarantee the student a job.

Are there any off-campus work-study positions? There are community service positions for Federal Work Study students available in the local area. Students must provide their own transportation if they work off campus.

How many hours per week do students on work-study usually work? The exact number of hours is based on the amount of the student's award, the student's pay rate and the needs of the position. Most students should plan to work an average of 7-8 hours per week to earn their entire award. Work study is a "real" job and students should not plan to study while working.

How are work-study students paid? Students are paid through payroll every two weeks.  The money earned through work study is paid directly to the student and not the student's account with the Financial Services Office.

May students cash their paychecks or must they turn them over to Schreiner University to cover any money owed the University? Students may do as they wish with their paychecks. However, students are encouraged to sign their paychecks over to the University if they have an outstanding balance.

How do Schreiner University students benefit from participation in work-study? In addition to providing money for tuition or living expenses, work study offers valuable employment and career development experiences. The Work Study Program matches the student's employment opportunities with career goals whenever possible.