Expanding Your Horizons
Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics™

A day planned for girls in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in the Hill Country area

to explore math and science as high
school and college study possibilities.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Schreiner University
Kerrville, Texas

Check-in:   9:00am - 9:30am
Conclusion end time:  4:15pm
Expanding Your Horizons Expanding Your Horizons Expanding Your Horizons Expanding Your Horizons

To challenge each girl, the day is filled with:  Small classes talking about specific careers, such as veterinary medicine, animal research, stream ecology, occupational therapy, genetics, nurse practitioner, massage therapy, physical therapy and engineering, with a local woman who works in that field. Labs to provide hands-on time in areas such as cell biology, chemistry, forensic science, and computer science.


* BCRAGD: H2Whoa
Do your part in conserving our most precious natural resource by building your own water filter.

* Astronomer: Twinkle in your Sky
Exploring the night sky is just a “point and click” away

* Cell Biologist: DNA Divas
Make edible DNA, and extract DNA from strawberries

* Chemical Engineering: Silly Putty Bounces
Make your own silly putty in a chemistry lab

* Chemist: Gummy Bears Go Boom
What goes on in a chemical reaction and why things go “boom”

* Computer Scientist: Digital Design
Use fractals and computers to create fantastic pictures

* Doctor and Technicians: Mystery Diagnosis, Dr. Who
Work to unravel the puzzle of illnesses and ailments

* Engineering: Rockets, Blast off!
Learn how to build a rocket

* Engineering: Newspaper Bridge, Just Bridge it!
Know Your Strength

* Environmental Scientist: Going Green when we clean!
Learn how to make environmentally friendly cleaners and cosmetics

* Food Scientist: Ice cream, you scream
Learn the behind the scenes science of this sweet dessert favorite

* Forensic Scientist: CSI, I Spy with my little eye
Analyze the tell-tale evidence left behind in a crime scene

* Fun with Math games: Stay classy, get mathy
Test your skill in Math!

* Pharmacist: Pharmacy Phun
Look at the ins and outs of becoming a pharmacist.

* Physics: Around on the Marble Rollercoaster
Design a giant marble rollercoaster that really works

* Physical Fitness: Let’s get Physical!
Learn how to make fitness a healthy part of your everyday life!

* Veterinarian: What is bugging your pets?
Investigate and look at different parasites.

* Nursing Lab: Get Aid-ucated
Learn what to do in an emergency

* Nutritionist: Nummy for your Tummy
What should you really be eating?

* Sports Medicine: That’s a warp
Learn how to warp a sprained ankle


* Fly Lab: Muscle Mess up-Fly Racing
Does a bad muscle make your fly lose the race?

* Molecular Biologist: Advanced CSI, I Spy
Gel electrophoresis helps us solve the mystery.

* Dissection: Cut ups
What’s inside a starfish? A squid? Cut into one and see

* Photography: Darkroom, Picture Perfect
Learn what’s developing in the photo lab.

* Engineering: Loop de Loop
Working with complex designs in engineering

2016 Cost:   $25 (includes lunch, T-shirt, materials, and speakers)


Online Registration will be available October 1, 2016.

Online Registration Deadline:

Registration By Mail:   The form will be available here on October 1, 2016.  Then you may print the form and mail with your check to the address shown below.

Late Registration:   Available in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center Ballrooms on the day of the event only from 9:00am-9:45am.  Please print the registration form and bring it with you to the event. 

Registrations will be handled first come, first served.

Scholarships, on a need basis, are available for the cost of registration. Please contact your school office for a waiver form.

2016 SCHEDULE:  See registration form for schedule & details (available October 1, 2016)


Parking & Drop-off/Pick-up:    Wm. Logan Library area   [ campus map]

Simultaneous Parent Session:   Parents are encouraged to support their daughters as they attend this conference. Special discussion sessions for parents will be available during the morning. Planned topics will include recommended high school course choices to enhance college opportunities, college financing, and other parenting issues important to you as your daughter begins to consider career options. The parent session is free and is from 10:15 am to noon.

Conclusion: The conference will conclude by 4:15pm. Please pick up your child at that time.

If you choose to mail your payment.....

Please make checks payable to "Expanding Your Horizons" and mail to:

Schreiner University
CMB 6241
2100 Memorial Blvd.
Kerrville, Texas 78028

For more information, please email us at expandingyourhorizon@schreiner.edu

Sponsored by the AAUW and Schreiner University

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