Current Students: Private Student Loans

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Students should consider private student loans as a last resort, after submitting the FAFSA and obtaining federal loans. Private student education loans are funded by many banks or credit unions. 

For your convenience, we've provided a list of  several lenders who  offer private loans to students.

ELM SELECT assists students in finding a lender that best suits their individual circumstances. Interest rates vary by lender, a credit-worthy cosigner will most likely be required, and some programs may require repayment before a student is out of school.

Make sure to know and understand your interest rate, repayment options, and all loan details before obtaining a private loan.

Please contact the Financial Aid office with any questions about loans. You can reach us at, 1-800-343-4919 or 830-792-7217, or visit us in person in the Welcome Center. Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm.

The Office of Financial Aid at Schreiner University is committed to assisting students in obtaining the best financial aid award possible. However, it is the student’s responsibility to comply with all requirements necessary to complete the financial aid process. In addition, the Office of Financial Aid is not responsible for the student's financial obligations to Schreiner University. Each student must verify their account balance and make arrangements for any amounts not covered by financial aid.