Current Students: Grants



Grants programs are eligible to students who demonstrate financial need. In order to be considered, you must submit your FAFSA application to our Office of Financial Aid.

“Need” is determined by taking the cost of attendance (COA) minus your expected family contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA. If you have financial need you meet the first requirement for need based aid. This calculation varies because the COA varies from school to school and program to program. You might qualify for a specific fund at one school but not at another.

The FAFSA is your application and we will award these funds annually based on availability and eligibility. While many of the funds come from the federal and state government, Schreiner also allocates it’s resources to assist students with additional aid.

Need based aid programs require students to maintain satisfactory academic progress for renewal, although they are awarded based on financial need for the first semester. Funding is limited and recipients are restricted to the number of semesters/hours for which they can receive many grant awards. Please use your grant money wisely.

We offer an Outside Scholarship Program where our Financial Aid office actively works with students applying for outside scholarships. We will also advertise any campus based scholarship initiatives that may develop during the year.

All Scholarships and Grants are listed and explained on the FAQs.

Need based aid includes the following funds:

The Office of Financial Aid at Schreiner University is committed to assisting students in obtaining the best financial aid award possible. However, it is the student’s responsibility to comply with all requirements necessary to complete the financial aid process. In addition, the Office of Financial Aid is not responsible for the student's financial obligations to Schreiner University. Each student must verify their account balance and make arrangements for any amounts not covered by financial aid.