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Mission of the Class Giving Campaign

Making a Class Gift is a way for current students to let others know about the great experience they’ve had at Schreiner, and serves as a tribute to great memories, an outstanding education, a bright future, and sets an example for future classes to follow.

Student Giving

What is the 2007 Class Gift?
Gifts made during the Class Giving Campaign will go toward the establishment of the Schreiner Student Endowment. Once the endowment is fully funded, each year it will be up to the graduating senior class to decide how the money should be spent based on Schreiner’s greatest needs.

What is an endowment?
Endowments are gifts that keep on giving. The funds are invested, and the earnings generated by the investment are used for the purpose the donor wishes.

Why should I make a gift?
Your gift will leave a lasting impression on Schreiner University, and will set a course for the future. By making a gift this year you are a part of the first class to contribute towards Schreiner Student Endowment, thus, in making your gift, you leave a lasting legacy.

Student Giving
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For additional information please contact:

Karen Davis Kilgore Karen Davis Kilgore
Director of Development and Planned Giving Advisor
(830) 792-7205