Volunteer Program: Opportunities

CAREER SERVICES: Guide Seniors with interview skills and resume writing.

INFORMATION DESK ATTENDANT: Assist the Director of Cailloux Center/Event Services in providing information services, tour and reservations of meeting spaces for students, faculty and staff.

EXPERTS: Looking for all and any industry or self proclaimed experts that could impact, advance and enrich student’s education and lives. This might be a skill, hobby or life vocation that could be shared with students, faculty and staff.

STUDENT VOLUNTEER CENTER: Assist the Volunteer Coordinator in providing information about service opportunities on campus and in the community.

GENERAL CLERICAL: Work in departments in office needs, mailings and other various projects. Current departments needing help: English Department, Advancement, Bookstore.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Various tasks associated with Fundraising, Campus Activities, Events and Lectures.

WRITING CENTER TUTOR: Tutors will approach writing as a process, and will help students at any stage in that process, even if they are struggling with getting ideas together for an assignment.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Work in health clinic and assist Campus Nurse and Volunteer Doctor with students experiencing health issues. Computer skills a plus.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Assist University Relations in photographing campus events, classes and other various activities.

Volunteer Applications are available online