The Office of Foundation Relations

Institutional Information 2014-2015

Name: Schreiner University, Inc.

Address: 2100 Memorial Blvd., Kerrville, TX 78028

County: Kerr

Type of Organization: Non-Profit, Educational

Affiliations: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Incorporated in: Texas, 1923

University Officers:
Dr. Tim Summerlin, President
Dr. Charlie McCormick, Provost and V.P. for Academic Affairs
Mr. Bill Muse, V.P. for Administration and Finance
Mr. Larry Cantu, V.P. for Enrollment Services
Mr. Mark Tuschak, V.P. for Advancement
Ms. Lane Tait, V.P. for Marketing
Dr. Candice Scott, Dean of Student Success

IRS Tax Exemption: Letter Dated 1949

Federal Employee ID Number: 74-1193459
    aka Tax ID Number (TIN)
    aka Tax Exempt Number

DUNS Number: 074615618

Indirect Cost Rate Agreement: Not yet applicable

Senate and Congressional District Numbers:
U.S. Congressional District: 21
Tx. State Senate District: 24
Tx. State House District: 53

Number of employees (total): 323
Faculty: 116
Benefits: Medical, Life, Retirement and Leave ~ 32% of salary

Fiscal Year: June 1 – May 31

Sources of Income:
78 % Tuition & Fees
09 % Endowment
08 % Gifts and Grants
05 % Earned Income

Fall 2014/12th Day Summary:
Enrollment 1129
Retention 67%
Faculty Ratio 14 - 1
Hill Country Students (Kerr and 6 Contiguous Counties) 36%
Rural Students (Total State) 43%
   Female 57%
   Male 43%
   White 60%
   Hispanic 31%
   Other 9%
Non-Traditional Students 19%
First Generation Students 34%
Pell Grant Recipients 47%
Undergraduates Receiving Financial Aid 99%
Freshmen Receiving Financial Aid 100%
Average Cost of Attendance $35,153
Average Estimated Family Contribution $17,366
Average Financial Aid Package $25,494

For more information see:  Schreiner University Office of Institutional Research