Schreiner Mansion

Charles Schreiner and Sons

The Schreiner Family Biography
Charles Schreiner (1838 – 1927) settled in San Antonio, TX, in September, 1852, when his father Gustave Adolph Schreiner moved the family from their Reichenstien castle at Riguewihr in the Vosges Mountains of upper Alsace, France.

Upon the death of his father three weeks after arriving in Texas, fourteen-year-old Charles became the head of the family, assuming responsibility for his mother Charlotte and four brothers.  

Schreiner MansionCharles Schreiner served in the Texas Rangers from 1854 – 1857.  During this time he also purchased ranch property in Kerr County and married Mary Magdalena Enderle.  Their family eventually included five sons (Aime Charles, Gustav Frederick, Louis Albert, Charles Armand, and Walter Richard) and three daughters (Caroline Marie, Frances Hellen, and Emilie Louise).

After serving in the Confederate Army for 3 ½ years during the Civil War, Captain Schreiner rejoined his family in Texas in 1865.  Just a few years later he started the mercantile business that would culminate in one of the largest mercantile-banking empires of its time in the Southwest.

Schreiner Mercantile Schreiner Building
Faltin & Schreiner was the name of the original general store that Capt. Schreiner started with partner August Fatlin in 1869. It didn’t become Schreiner General Merchandise until 1878 when he bought out August Faltin’s interest in the store.

During this period he built the St. Charles Hotel (1875) along with three other stores: a cotton gin, a flour mill, and an artesian well. In addition to the original store, his commercial endeavors expanded to include banking, wool commissioning, extensive cattle ranching and driving, banking, and various mill operations. In 1879, Schreiner established Kerrville’s first bank.  He also strove to modernize services in Kerrville, drilling artesian wells for supplying water and building Kerrville’s first electric light and power plant.

After Captain Schreiner's death in 1927, the mansion was sold to the Kerrville Masonic Lodge Schreiner Mansionfor use as a Masonic Temple. In 1972 Mrs. Roland Walters of Camp Verde, Texas, purchased the structure and sold it to the Hill Country Preservation Society, Inc., in 1975.

The Preservation Society made extensive repairs faithful to the original home.  Unique features include several original gas fixtures, mantles, wallpaper, and parquet floor on the first floor.

In the fall of 2009 the Preservation Society donated the mansion and its contents to Schreiner University.