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Mountaineer Fitness Center
Mountaineer Fitness Center

“I did my best work in college when I was busiest playing sports.
Athletics taught me to be organized and how to manage my time.”
- Raymond Berry ‘51

As Schreiner University begins its ninth decade of “whole person” education, the Board of Trustees, students, faculty and staff share a vision to enhance Schreiner’s commitment to balanced growth in mind, body and spirit. At the heart of that vision is the Mountaineer Fitness Center—a fitness, recreation and athletic complex to serve the entire campus and the broader Hill Country community.

Located on the east side of campus and harmonizing with the other buildings, the Mountaineer Fitness Center complex will provide quality space for academic classes, physical fitness, recreation programs, and community events, as well as serve as the efficient and modern headquarters for all of Schreiner’s intercollegiate and intramural athletics.

When the first phase of the Mountaineer Fitness Center is completed in 2009, it will do much more than offer Schreiner’s students a safe and attractive place to train, learn and gather. The Mountaineer Fitness Center will be a powerful recruiting tool. Students indicate that recreation and fitness facilities are a primary factor in their college choice. In fact, a national survey of college applicants indicates that complexes like Mountaineer Fitness Center rank first on their lists of necessary facilities.

When we achieve our enrollment goal of 1,200 students, Schreiner will realize a point of financial stability that it has never before experienced. With expanded financial resources, academic programs available to our students will grow in number, quality and prestige.

Enhanced modern facilities for baseball, softball, tennis, basketball, soccer and volleyball will help attract and retain student athletes, who comprise more than 30 percent of Schreiner’s student body.

As an NCAA Division III school, we do not offer athletic scholarships, so we must be vigilant about providing support and facilities to promote success. Schreiner is a member of the American Southwest Conference, made up primarily of small, private, church-related institutions. Currently, Schreiner’s facilities are easily the worst in the 16-member league. Our current gym was built in the 1970’s, and many prospective athletes remark that their high school facilities are superior to Schreiner’s. With the Mountaineer Fitness Center, Schreiner will recruit and attract the best student-athletes in our region, giving more people access to the quality educational opportunities we offer.

The Mountaineer Fitness Center will help the region by reflecting a thriving university with modern, attractive facilities to people and businesses interested in relocating here.

Higher education is a great economic engine. It prepares individuals for productive—even transformational—roles in our community and in society. Schreiner provides a rich cultural life, collaboration in community projects, and a core of skilled graduates to the region. A first-rate university with high-quality programs and top-flight facilities will attract people to the area, create jobs, and improve the quality of life for all.

For information on how to become involved with this project contact:

Mark C. Tuschak
Vice President for Advancement
Tel: 830.792.7215