Mountaineer Center:  Naming Opportunities

We are so honored by those who consider Schreiner as a place that is worthy of support and humbled by their generosity. Naming opportunities are a way for us to recognize that generosity and recognize our shared commitment to the vision of this project and the impact its completion will have on our students for decades to come.

Space Minimum Gift Required to Name
Athletic Complex $10,000,000
Mountaineer Fitness Center $5,000,000
Gym Stephens Family Arena
($1.3 million)
Fitness Center (fitness and weight room, aerobics and dance
room, and racquetball courts)
Vannie E. Cook Fitness Center
($1.5 million)
Baseball and Softball field house $650,000
Fitness Room $500,000
Tennis Courts George and Frances Cree Tennis Center ($400,000)
Athletic Office Suite $300,000
Lobby $250,000
Aerobics/Dance Room Dorothy Tucker Aerobics and
Dance Room ($200,000)
Training Room $125,000
Women's Home Locker Room Angie and Ed Richmond’s
Men's Home Locker Room Michael and Barbara
Pate ($100,000)
Baseball Field House Batting Cage $100,000
Concession Area $75,000
Racquetball Courts (2) $75,000
Men's Visiting Locker Room $65,000
Women's visiting Locker Room Dorothy Tucker Locker Room
Class Room Judith and Warren Ferguson
Classroom ($50,000)
Class Room Betty and Gordon Tucker
Classroom ($150,000)
Baseball Home Locker Room $50,000
Baseball Visitors Locker Room $50,000
Softball Home Locker Room $50,000
Softball Visitors Locker Room $50,000
Athletic Office Reception Area Dorothy Tucker Reception Area ($35,000)
Athletic Office Conference Room $25,000
Break Room $25,000
Baseball/Softball Training Room $25,000
Athletic Director's Office $20,000
Officials Locker Room $20,000
Recreation Office $15,000
Baseball/Softball Officials Locker Room $15,000
Individual Athletic Offices (13) $12,500
Recreation Work Area $12,500
Athletic Hall of Honor TBD
Scoreboards (5) TBD


For information on how to become involved with this project contact:

Mark C. Tuschak
Vice President for Advancement
Tel: 830.792.7215