Mountaineer Center:  Scope and Progress

The Mountaineer Fitness Center project will be completed in phases. We are currently constructing the new Health and Fitness building, renovating Edington Gym and the tennis courts, and enhancing the pool area, landscape and outdoor amenities. The other two phases are the new gym/event center and the revitalization of all outdoor athletic fields. The two-fold goal of phasing is to realize cost savings and have facilities available for our students sooner than otherwise possible

Budget/Cost Estimates Funds Raised³ Still Needed % of Goal
Mountaineer Health & Fitness Center                   $10,025,000 $9,158,310 $866,690 91%
Health and Fitness Center Building¹ $5,850,000  
A&E Fees² $370,000
Edington Renovation $690,000
Tennis Courts (resurface,
fence, netting and poles,
shade, seating, team room)
FF&E $600,000
enhancements/outdoor amenities
Practice soccer field replacement $45,000
Central Plant Chiller $780,000
Maintenance Endowment $1,000,000
Mountaineer Event Center $8,715,000 $2,300,000 $6,415,000 26%
Gym and Event Center $6,615,000

A&E Fees $350,000
FF&E $500,000
Landscaping $250,000
Maintenance Endowment $1,000,000
Mountaineer Athletic Fields $2,925,000 $0 $2,925,000 0%
Baseball/Softball Field House $1,275,000  
Baseball/Softball Seating $100,000
Soccer Seating $50,000
Soccer/Baseball Field Lighting $500,000
FF&E $300,000
Infrastructure, site work & parking $500,000
Landscaping $200,000
Totals $21,665,000 $11,458,310 $10,206,690 53%

¹ includes $62,000 construction contingency
² A&E includes inspection, testing, and owner required items
³ includes expected matching gifts of $5,000

 “The Mountaineer Fitness Center will be tangible evidence of Schreiner’s recognition that educating the whole person includes providing quality facilities for recreation, wellness and athletics. It is one element not yet realized in the amazing renaissance of campus facilities of the last seven years. But we have made this commitment to our students, present and future and we have the exciting challenge now to deliver on that commitment. The students deserve nothing less.”- Dr. Tim Summerlin, President of Schreiner University