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SU Faculty Help Out Needy Families in Saltillo, Mexico
December 11, 2004

By Dr. Lydia Kualapai, Professor of English


Mission accomplished! Buddy and I drove to Saltillo [Mexico] over the weekend and delivered 54 new blankets to some of the poorest families in the area. Everyone was excited to see us and to have the blankets.

As you look at the photos (below), you’ll see a man in a brown plaid shirt; his name is Salvadore Medina and he’s best described as a one-man NGO. He does considerable work for the village, including food and clothing drives and arranging occasional doctor visits. This week he will be putting together Christmas packages for the community. He wanted me to tell you how grateful he is for our support and for our ongoing interest in Saltillo.

 With that in mind, I want to thank everyone involved in this project, including the students, staff, and faculty for the blanket donations; Gordon Findlay and Sally Alter for their encouragement and “road practice”; the administration and John Jones’s morning rotary group for underwriting the travel expenses; and the Kerrville community for responding generously to the newspaper article.

This has been a memorable experience for all of us. I hope we can do it again next year!


Students Treated to "Late Night Breakfast" During Final Exams                                           December 5, 2004

From Dr. John Huddleston (who first started this tradition in 1985)

late night breakfast

                                                                                               Late Night is always held in the cafeteria (the Gus Schreiner Dining Hall - aka, "Schreiner Diner") the evening before the first full day of finals. For this semester that means it will be held on December 8.

< photo < never underestimate the power of free food & free t-shirts!

Cooks will arrive at 9:30 pm and "do their thing" until servers arrive; the cafeteria doors are opened promptly at 11 pm. For the next hour, hundreds of students will enjoy a "Late Night Breakfast" served by faculty & staff.

"Late Night" is one of Schreiner University's longest running traditions, and has occurred every semester during final exams for nineteen years.


Holiday Music Performances at Schreiner University
November 29, 2004

By Bill Drake
Writer, University Relations


The Schreiner University Choir will present its annual holiday concert on Sunday, December 5 from 6 to 7 p.m. in Dietert Auditorium on the campus. Admission is free and there will be a reception following the concert. Choir works to be performed include Hallelujah from The Mount of Olives by Beethoven, Carol of the Bells, and a spiritual entitled Again I say Rejoice by Glenn Burleigh. The Schreiner University Pep Band will make a special guest appearance to provide additional pep for the Christmas carols on the program.

On December 6 the Schreiner University Choir will hold a Christmas Carol sing-along from 5:15 to 5:45 p.m. at the historic Union Church on the edge of Schreiner Campus, with an open reception to follow. The public is welcome to come and join the choir in singing carols and to hear a special Christmas message from campus minister Rev. Nancy Deever.

For more information on either event please contact the choir director Michael Kahl at 830-792-7417.


Schreiner Students Decorate Trees for Needy Families
November 28, 2004

By Bill Drake
Writer, University Relations

christmas treeSchreiner University student organizations working with the Schreiner Community Outreach Program will join with Habitat for Humanity in providing fully decorated Christmas tress for Kerrville families in need of holiday cheer. The Schreiner Student Activities office has purchased nine six foot high artificial trees, one for each of the student groups that will be contributing their time and creativity to the project. Those participating this year include Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Flato/LA Residence Hall, Alpha Chi Honor Society & Honors Program, Pre-Law Society & College Republicans, Schreiner Community Outreach Program & Colleges Against Cancer, Best Buddies & Science Club & International Student Club, Campus Ministry, The Association of Information Technology Professionals and the Association of Texas Professional Educators.

These groups are in the process of collecting gently used decorations as well as making their own for this annual event, in which dozens of students vie with each other to see who can make the most beautiful tree. The fully decorated trees will be on display in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center on campus from December 1-15, after which they will be given to area families identified by Schreiner Community Outreach Program in coordination with Habitat for Humanity.

For more information contact Jennifer Hudson at 830-792-7283 or by email


World Renowned Scientist Dr. Mary Pat Moyer To Speak
Nov. 23
November 14, 2004

Mary Pat Moyer, Ph.D.
Founder, President, CEO and Chief Science Officer, INCELL Corporation
Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dr. Mary Pat Moyer

Dr. Mary Pat Moyer is a recognized biomedical scientist, entrepreneur and technology business leader.

She founded the innovative life sciences company, INCELL Corporation (1993), after over 20 years as an academic scientist, most recently as Director of the Center for Human Cell Biotechnology, Division Head of Surgical Research, and Professor of Surgery, Microbiology, Cellular and Structural Biology, Pediatrics, and Molecular Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

An authority in microbiology, cancer, and stem cells, Dr. Moyer has published over 200 scientific papers and abstracts, co-authored a textbook “Colon Cancer Cells”, and served as a Consultant to national and international government agencies (e.g, WHO, NIH, NASA, DoD), universities and industry.


Students Unite for Charity: Canned Food and Clothing Drive To Be Held November 18
November 9, 2004

By Garrett P., Student


Schreiner University's First Annual Canned Food and Clothing Drive will be held Thursday, November 18th from 4 pm to 7 pm at the Robbins-Lewis Pavilion. SU's Interdisciplinary Studies class (IDST) is sponsoring this charity event to benefit the community.

LOCATION:Robbins-Lewis Pavilion

DATE: November 18, 2004

TIME: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

We are accepting any non perishable foods and any type of clothing. We are also accepting monetary donations. The food will be given to the Food Pantry, the clothing will be presented to the Salvation Army, and the money will be donated to the K-Star children’s center.

 Hill Country Girls Cordially Invited to 12th Annual "Expanding Your Horizons" Conference
November 8, 2004

By Dr. Diana Comuzzie
Professor of Biology and Dean of the Robert B. Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics


WHO IS INVITED? Girls from the Hill Country Area should register through their schools or contact me at

WHAT: The "Expanding Your Horizons" Conference intends to increase the participation of girls in science and mathematics careers.

WHEN: Saturday, November 20, 2004 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm - check-in at the CCAC ballrooms.

Cost is only $7.00 per student thanks to the RGK Foundation.

Community volunteers under the leadership of the American Association of University Women participate. We have a keynote speaker (this year a primate vet from San Antonio), 17 morning presenters, and a bunch of labs in the morning and afternoon. Almost 100 volunteers, many of them Schreiner students, help run the event. The goals are to increase the participation of girls in science and mathematics careers.

Another goal is to provide role models for the girls of local women in these fields, and so we use local women as presenters. We also try to increase overall awareness of, and interest in, science and math. This is the 12th year the conference has been held on this campus.

The National Academy of Science, our nation’s most premier scientific honor society, has fewer than 10% of its members as women, and continues to have fewer than 10% in the class of nominees each year.


SU Campus Recreation: Dedicated To Fun
November 7, 2004

By Bill Drake
Writer, University Relations

You see the signs everywhere on campus. Play. Nice. When you look closely you notice that this isn’t a command from Mom to behave yourself, but a comment on which all hardworking Schreiner students, faculty and staff can agree. Play is, indeed, nice, and fortunately there are over 20Campus Recreation team members who work hard so that we can all play to our heart’s content.

Campus Recreation director Micah Wrase is no stranger to either play or work at Schreiner. A December ’03 Schreiner graduate in psychology, Wrase is currently a full-time director of his department, a full-time evening grad student at Our Lady of the Lake in San Antonio, and a part-time residential hall assistant at Schreiner.

Micah Wrase                                                                                                                                   Wrase has primary responsibility for the Special Events program at Schreiner, a wild mélange of activities that includes an annual 5K run, racquetball tournaments, weightlifting competitions, all-stars flag football, tennis tournaments, kickball competition, and the annual extreme silliness of the “Turkey Trot”. You gotta be there to appreciate the sight of students, faculty, staff and others dashing around the track carrying, pushing and otherwise navigating their personal frozen bird toward the finish line. Wrase’s work/study program managers Michelle Leija and Rebekha Collins are no strangers to work and play either. Leija is a Schreiner senior majoring in psychology and runs the Schreiner Outdoor Adventures Program (SOAP). Her motto is “Get dirty – use SOAP!”, and it’s not surprising that almost all Schreiner students participate in one aspect or another of this program that features adventurous trips to places like Big Bend for rafting, Colorado for skiing, and the Hill Country for exploring by horseback, foot, kayak, canoe and tube .

Collins is a senior in math and engineering and will be pursuing her dream of becoming a biomedical engineer in grad school at Texas A&M after graduation from Schreiner. Meanwhile she runs the intramural program for Campus Rec, a wildly diverse set of activities that includes flag football, indoor soccer, dodgeball, 3 on 3 basketball, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates and ultimate frisbee. She is so good at her job that she was named “Employee of the Year for 2003-04.”

All Campus Recreation programs are open to men and women of all ages, including all members of the Schreiner community as well as anyone living in Kerrville or adjacent areas. Campus Recreation is just what the name says – not competitive sports like Schreiner Athletics and not student activities like recognized student organizations and student government. Campus Rec is all about fun, relaxation, playing hard, getting away from the serious aspects of work and college life, hanging out with old friends and making new ones.

frisbee golf

Someone has to keep track of all the equipment, make sure that the weightlifting room and dance studio are clean and pleasant, and keep track of who needs what so that everyone can have maximum fun in their time away from work. Lily Morales is the go-to person when it comes to keeping everything running smoothly in the occasionally chaotic environment created by hundreds of people having fun in dozens of different ways. Morales is in her third year as building manager for Campus Rec and according to Wrase, “Without Lily things might just start coming apart pretty quickly.”

All of these dedicated people work together to make sure that any recreational activity that a student can dream up can become a reality. Wrase has been working with Kerrville area camps to offer new opportunities, such as archery in cooperation with Camp Waldemar, and to find resources to enable students to learn skills like flyfishing. Wrase notes, “ We are especially proud of our ability to respond to new ideas and suggestions, wherever they come from. Many of our best ideas come from the students themselves, although we are open to any suggestions from anyone else on campus or in the community.”

A good example of this openness is the new Yoga program, which is already bursting at the seams. Classes are scheduled twice a week at the end of the workday, and participants are finding this ideal to relax and find inner peace after the hectic pace of work and study. Every year Schreiner does a formal survey of all students to find out what they think about all campus activities, classes and events, and Campus Recreation receives consistently high ratings. Part of this is because the staff is able to find a way to make almost any suggestion become a reality, although as Wrase notes, “Sometimes there just isn’t enough equipment to accommodate all the people who need it. For example, we could use a dozen more kayaks, especially with all the great river flows we’ve been seeing lately.” Most of the recreational equipment is free to all members of the Schreiner community and, subject to prior reservation by students, can also be taken out by anyone else living in the area.

“Nobody should hesitate to become involved in any of our trips that interest them,” says Leija. “Our adventure program is open to anyone, regardless of age or ability, and it’s a great way to meet new people and share a unique experience.” Collins agrees, pointing out that “Our games are less about competition than they are about having fun – though it can get a little competitive out there. In fact, last year’s 5K run was won by a 55 year old gentleman from Kerrville who did so well he would have won even if we had given him a 30 second handicap!”

People of all ages, whether or not they are Schreiner students, staff, faculty or alums, are welcome to participate in any of the activities of Campus Recreation.
“We try to be prepared for any contingency,” says Wrase, “and that includes medical emergencies. We have two cardiac resuscitation units that travel with us to any activity involving physical stress, and all of our staff is fully qualified in CPR.”

Wrase’s wife Elizabeth, a Kerrville elementary school teacher, is also a consultant to the outdoor programs of Campus Rec, bringing her long experience in survival skills and ‘Leave No Trace” hiking and camping to the planning and execution of these programs. Wrase proudly notes “Elizabeth is bringing us together with nationally recognized programs like Outward Bound, enabling us to expand the scope and quality of what we can offer.”

Campus Recreation has recently been given the ‘Soaring Eagle’ award by their peers, the directors of all Schreiner programs, in recognition of their outstanding record of service and innovation. “This kind of recognition is priceless,” Wrase smiles, “because it means that our team members’ contribution to the quality of life on campus, usually way beyond their work/study commitment of 10 hours a week, hasn’t gone unnoticed.” This kind of recognition will likely continue, since it would be hard to find anyone at Schreiner who doesn’t agree. Play. Nice.

The 'Red Ladies' Visit SU to Promote Awareness of Domestic Abuse
November 3, 2004

red ladies

In the Cailloux Student Center you will see 14 of "The Red Ladies" which are part of the Silent Witness Initiative to make the citizens of Texas aware of the growing problem of domestic violence. The Hill Country Crisis Council trained volunteer workers in the Student Center. Last year in Texas 153 women died due to domestic violence.

How The Silent Witness Initiative Began: The Red Ladies

In 1990, an ad hoc group of women artists and writers, upset about the growing number of women in Minnesota being murdered by their partners or acquaintances, joined together with several other women's organizations to form Arts Action Against Domestic Violence. They felt an urgency to do something that would speak out against the escalating domestic violence in their state, something that would commemorate the lives of the 26 women whose lives had been lost in 1990 as a result of domestic violence.

After much brainstorming, they decided to create 26 free-standing, life-sized red wooden figures, each one bearing the name of a woman who once lived, worked, had neighbors, friends, family, children--whose life ended violently at the hands of a husband, ex-husband, partner, or acquaintance.

A twenty-seventh figure was added to represent those uncounted women whose murders went unsolved or were erroneously ruled accidental. The organizers called the figures the Silent Witnesses. On February 18, 1991, more than 500 women met at a church across the street from the Minnesota State Capitol with the newly-constructed Witnesses lined up at the front of the sanctuary. The women formed a silent procession escorting the figures single file across the street, up the steps, and into the State Capitol Rotunda for public statements and a press conference. The sheer volume of space the figures occupied spoke of their power... and the loss. The Silent Witness Exhibit was officially launched. Since then, the creators have encouraged each state to develop their own Silent Witness Projects.

Texas Silent Witness Project

In Texas, more than 3 abusive men kill their female partners each week. The Texas Council on Family Violence created its own exhibit, and on April 1, 1997, they debut 160 Silent Witnesses at the State Capitol in Austin with a march, a memorial, and a three-day exhibit in the Capitol building. Each Texas Silent Witness bears the name and story of a Texas woman killed as a result of family violence. In Partnership with The Texas Council on Family Violence, HCCC is fostering 14 of the 153 statues of 2003 to grace locations in our four county service area. They are a powerful statement reminding us that family violence can result in death.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Texas at a Glance in 2002

- 185,299 Family Violence Incidents
- 153* women killed by their intimate partner

*Information provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Council on Family Violence.

*In June, TCFV was able to report on 140 women killed as a result of domestic violence. Continued TCFV research into women killed by ex-boyfriends (a number not tracked by the Texas Department of Public Safety) provides, for the very first time, a new level of accuracy in accounting for the tragic toll of domestic violence in our state.

- 11,545 Adults received shelter from their abusive relationships
- 18,188 children received shelter


Seriously – The Simpsons? Popular Culture Symposium Coming To Schreiner
November 2, 2004


                                                                                                                 The sixth annual Schreiner University Popular Culture Symposium will take place on Friday, November 5 beginning at noon at the Cailloux Campus Activity Center Theater on Schreiner campus. A variety of pop culture-oriented sessions will run through the afternoon. The public is cordially invited to participate in this free, annual event.                                                                                      

According to William Woods, Ph.D., director of the Center for Innovative Learning and the symposium director, “The academic study of popular culture is fascinating to active minds of all ages. Popular culture research studies the contemporary, the current, anything that affects most of us daily; it studies all the things we consume, all the things we are interested in and talk about with each other in the media, around the coffee table, in the office. This conference offers the community the opportunity to share some serious, scholarly research on topics of contemporary relevance, such as politics, media, film, television, sports, music, and other intriguing aspects of contemporary popular culture.”

The Pop Culture Symposium will begin with the keynote address by Dr. David Mulry speaking on “The Value of Popular Culture Studies”. Dr. Mulry has presented at numerous conferences across the USA and Europe on Pop Culture, Literature, and Technology in Education themes.

From 1 to 3 p.m. there will be presentations and discussion of the film “Kill Bill, Vol. 2”. From 3 to 5 p.m. there will be presentations by Schreiner University students Emily Seal (“Our American Superhero: Ideal Man Versus Common Man”); Colter Brown (“Feminism and Fight Club”); and Elizabeth Butts (“America Meets Anime”); and by faculty member Dr. Tom Wells (“The Simpsons as Social Commentary”). For further information contact Dr. William Woods at


SU Re-Dedicates Newly Renovated Science Hall
October 26, 2004

Schreiner University celebrated the re-dedication of its oldest science hall Thursday evening (Oct. 21) after its recently completed $2.22 million dollar renovation.

The renovation of the Moody Science Building was the final step bringing together for the first time all departments of Schreiner University’s Robert B. Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics. Officials say it also presents new opportunities for teaching and learning at Schreiner that promote even more interaction between faculty and students.

Supporters of the renovation project were the Dietert family, Bill and Alta Foster, Brown Foundation, Houston Endowment, Hal and Charlie Peterson Foundation, Kathryn Schutts, First Presbyterian Church of Fort Worth, Demmie Mayfield, James and Estela Avery, Luise Livingston, Meadows Foundation, Jeannette Early, Rick and Anne Cree, G.E. Nevill, Moody Foundation, Jacob Mixon, Maud Jennings, Sol and Fannie Halff Foundation, Michael Looney, Rufus and Mary Hayes, William and Susan Sliva, Ross and Novia Harris, Sue Dyke, Russell and Elise Joseph, Jack and Sue Steele, WILCO Peanut Company, Bruce and Candyce Beneke, David and Shauna Bright, R.D. and Lois Sowards, and David Edington.

Donors to the project and others guests were given guided tours of the building hosted by Schreiner students who are science majors.

Chairman of Schreiner’s board of trustees Randall Roberts, President Tim Summerlin, Provost and chemistry professor Dr. Mike Looney, and Dean of the Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics and biology professor Dr. Diana Comuzzie conducted the ceremony and ribbon cutting.

The ribbon consisted of four unique strands crafted by students in each of the four disciplines that the school of sciences and mathematics encompasses: sciences, mathematics, exercise science and vocational nursing. The exercise science ribbon carried by students Marian Ruiz and Victor Trevino was a tape measure for calculating fitness. The mathematics ribbon borne by Rebekha Collins & Charmelyn Fortune was embellished with the never-ending number for pi running its length. The sciences ribbon carried by Margarita Diaz and Christina Gann was the simulated double-helix of a DNA molecule. The vocational nursing ribbon was made from bandage gauze and was held by Jasmine Hilliard and Sue Workman.

Also on the program were co-president of Schreiner’s Celtic Cross student ministry organization Kelly Uhlenhaker, who gave the welcoming prayer, and president of the Student Senate Katie Van Dyke who told of what the renovation has meant to Schreiner science students.

According to Dr. Diana Comuzzie, , “Most courses are now using computer-aided instruction and statistical packages that were simply not practicable before the renovation. All Moody classrooms now have state-of-the-art technology with computers that allow the instructor to switch seamlessly between PowerPoint lectures, CD presentations, videotape programming and other computer software while students have Internet access to e-books and the Schreiner One network. Blackboards and chalk have been replaced with white boards and screens,” she said.

The Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics experienced 17 percent enrollment growth this year. Overall, Schreiner University’s enrollment grew by 8 percent in the past year.


Schreiner To Host Controversial Journalist
October 20, 2004

By Bill Drake
University Relations Writer

Robert Bryce

                                                                                                                    As part of its continuing series “Speak Truth To Power”, Schreiner University will welcome Robert Bryce on October 27 for a talk titled “Cronyism and Corporate Corruption: The View From a Muckraking Mugwump.” The talk will begin at 7 p.m. in the ballroom of the Cailloux Campus Activity Center.  Kerrville area residents are invited - especially the more skeptical - and admission is free.

Robert Bryce’s work has appeared in dozens of publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and the Guardian. His first book, “Pipe Dreams: Greed, Ego, and the Death of Enron” (PublicAffairs), received rave reviews and was named one of the best non-fiction books of 2002 by Publishers Weekly. His second book, “Cronies: Oil, the Bushes, and the Rise of Texas, America’s Superstate”, was published in May 2004.

Bryce spent 12 years reporting for the Austin Chronicle and is now a contributing writer at the Texas Observer. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including CNN’s “Inside Politics”, PBS’s “The News Hour With Jim Lehrer”, and NPR’s “Fresh Air”. He is also a commentator for NPR’s “Marketplace”, the nationally syndicated business radio show. A beekeeper, he lives in Austin with his wife, three children, and a hyperactive bird dog named Biscuit.

After the talk there will be a discussion, and the author will have copies of his books available. For more information on the speaker go to

For more information on the Schreiner event, contact Professor Tom Wells at


Schreiner Welcomes Students from Saltillo, Mexico
October 18, 2004

Story & Photos By Lydia Kualapai & Kathie Walker

accounting students and faculty

Schreiner University is pleased to welcome accounting students and faculty from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Saltillo.

Their visit this week is part two of an academic exchange initiated last week when Schreiner students and faculty visited Campus Saltillo.

We hope this is just the beginning of a new international relationship with our friends in Saltillo. Welcome to Texas!

click on each thumbnail to enlarge:

friends in Saltillo   friends in saltillo   friends in saltillo   friends in saltillo   friends in saltillo

Con mucho gusto La Universidad de Schreiner de la bienvenida a los estudiantes y a la facultad de Tecnológico de Monterrey, el Campus Saltillo. Su visita representa la continuacion del inter cambio académico de la semana pasada cuándo estudiantes y facultad de Schreiner visitaron Campus Saltillo. Esperamos que esto sea el principio de una relación internacional nueva con nuestros amigos en Saltillo.                                                                                                          ¡Bienvenidos a Tejas!


The SU Choir is Headed to Carnegie Hall! But First, They Need Your Help on October 20th
October 14, 2004


The Schreiner University Choir is raising money to perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC on January 17, 2005.

The Choir's Dinner Fundraising event will be held at Jefferson Street Cafe in Kerrville on Wednesday October 20 from 5 to 9 p.m.

Jefferson Street Cafe
1001 Jefferson
Kerrville, TX 78028
For Reservations call
(830) 257-2929

Jefferson Street Cafe Gift certficates are available at Jefferson Street Cafe for this event. All tips and a percentage of the overall earnings for the evening's festivities will benefit the SU Choir Trip.


 ...and Don't Miss SU's Fall Choir Concert October 24

Sunday, October 24, 2004
4:00 p.m. at Dietert Auditorium at Schreiner University. Free Admission and a reception following the concert.

For more information contact the Director, Michael Kahl at (830) 792-7417.


Lunar Shadows To Envelop Campus
October 14, 2004

star party

With Halloween just a few days away, disembodied spirits, shape-changers, as well as other less paranormal members of the community will flock to Schreiner University campus on October 27 to participate in a rare ‘Dark of the Moon' Star Party.

The Star Party will start at 7:45 p.m., with the eclipse beginning shortly thereafter. Totality will occur at approximately 9:23 p.m.

Schreiner's Star Parties are the brainchild of Dr. William Sliva, professor of sciences and mathematics at the university, and over the years they have proven to be a popular event for stargazers of all ages. Dr. Sliva has received a Schreiner University Creative Teaching award for the Star Party program.

Star Party

                                                                                                           The stars at night are, indeed, big and bright here in the heart of Texas, and this total eclipse promises to make these distant worlds and suns even more prominent in the skies over our home town. While there will be an adequate number of telescopes available on campus for everyone to get some eyeball time, according to Dr. Sliva high powered binoculars are even better than most telescopes for viewing a total lunar eclipse.                                                                                                 For the Star Party location, check the Schreiner University campus map. The star parties are held on open ground southwest of the Robbins-Lewis pavilion, labeled building 1 on the campus map. Ample regular and handicapped parking is available nearby.

For more information of the Star Party, Dr. Sliva can be contacted at 830-792-7249 or


Annual “Past is Prologue” Workshop Coming Soon to Schreiner University

Schreiner University's Center for Innovative Learning will host the second annual “Past is Prologue” workshop on Schreiner campus on October 16 from 9:30 am - 5:00 pm at the Cailloux Campus Activity Center. Based on the teachings of Paula Underwood (1932 - 2000) these workshops are directed at those who feel there is more to life than they currently understand and who want to explore ancient traditions of wisdom not directly connected with a Western/European cultural background.

There will be two all-day sessions available, each limited to 30 participants. The first session called “Gateway” will focus in the morning on the book “Who Speaks for Wolf” by Paula Underwood. The afternoon will be an introduction to the major decision-making tools contained in “The Great Hoop of Life: a Traditional Medicine Wheel for Enabling Learning and Gathering Wisdom”. This session will be led by Bob Slobod of Georgetown , Texas . Those who have not attended a previous “Past is Prologue” workshop are encouraged to sign up for this session.

The second session, called “Greater Understanding”, is based on “Growing Woman”. an ancient story that is part of a larger oral history, “The Walking People”, that was passed down through Paula Underwood. “Growing Woman” is a study of many different levels of understanding our place in life, including early steps toward cultivation of plants, the challenges of disability and aging, and generational family attitudes. Mobi Warren of San Antonio will lead this advanced session with discussions and experiential exercises.

The cost of “Past of Prologue” is $40 and includes lunch and workshop materials. Scholarships are available. To sign up for either session please contact the Schreiner University Center for Innovative Learning at 830-792-7324 or Dr. Kathleen Hudson at (cell) 830-285-1245.


Harry Crate Lecture October 14, 2004
October 6, 2004
By Bill Drake

David A. Wheat

                                                                                                                David A. Wheat will speak on “The Long Winding Road to Success; Schreiner's First Chemistry Graduate” as part of Schreiner University's Harry Crate Lecture Series. The public is invited to attend this free event, which starts at 7 p.m. on October 14 in the Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

Wheat is Schreiner's first graduate with a degree in chemistry. After graduating from Tivy High School, he served in the U.S. Navy and later as U.S. Army military intelligence analyst. After graduating from Schreiner in 1998 he entered the world of industrial science, first with DPT Labs of San Antonio and more recently with Mission Pharmacal of Boerne.                                                                                                        

The purpose of the lecture series, named after a former Schreiner professor, is to encourage students to consider scientific research as a career. Professor Harry Crate taught at Schreiner for 40 years and, along with student and community volunteers, built most of Louise Hays Park in the 1950's. At age 87 Professor Crate continues to attend the series named in his honor. The series was created by Assistant Professor of Chemistry Bob Holloway, who received Schreiner's 2003 Elmore Whitehurst Award for Teaching Excellence.


Texas Music Coffeehouse October 6th to Feature Songwriting Legend SONNY THROCKMORTON
October 1, 2004

(From Bob Gray at the Texas Heritage Music Foundation)

Come to Schreiner University on Wednesday, October 6 to hear the father of Texas songwriting SONNY THROCKMORTON, then come back on Thursday, October 7 to hear how a young gun, KEVIN FOWLER, brings Texas music to new levels.


commercial                                                                                                   San Antonio Express News Features SU's Award-Winning Commercial Actress
September 30, 2004

The following is an excerpt taken from the San Antonio Express News (Neighbor section) from 9/29/04:


Rachel L. Toalson
Express-News Staff Writer

TV commercial a thrill for teen Her first paid acting job helps advertisement win national award.

Khaki Wright will be remembered.

And if it's not for her unusual name (meaning "a light yellowish brown"), the Alamo Heights student will be remembered for her performance in "Wet Kiss," one of three commercials created for Schreiner University's marketing campaign to increase the Kerrville university's enrollment.


Art Exhibition to Feature Work of SU Graphic Designers
September 28, 2004


Please join us for the opening reception of a fine art exhibit featuring the work of Schreiner University's Graphic Designers, Stephanie Lopez and Vicki Mullins.

Opening Reception
Tuesday, October 5, 2004
5:30 - 8:30 pm
Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center
Schreiner University Campus
Kerrville, Texas

Works of art include oils, acrylics and mixed media.


Country Phenomenon Kevin Fowler Coming To Schreiner University
September 17, 2004


An outdoor concert by a new country music legend, Kevin Fowler, is scheduled for October 7, and will take place, rain or shine, at 8 p.m. on the Quadrangle at Schreiner University. Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased at the gate. Food and drink also available. Seating is on the grass, and people are invited to come early and bring their own blankets.

The Ranch

The concert is sponsored by Schreiner University 's Student Activities Board, Student Senate, Office of Admission, and FM 92.3 KRNH The Ranch.

Kevin Fowler is proof positive that you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy. Raised in Amarillo on a diet of hard country at home and on local radio, he headed to Los Angeles at age 20 to study music at the Guitar Institute of Technology, where he discovered he had a knack for songwriting as well as guitar playing.

He returned to Texas a year later, settled in Austin , and gained his initial major league musical experience playing guitar in Dangerous Toys, a Texas hard rock band. Dangerous Toys recorded two albums for Columbia Records (one of them certified gold) and were an MTV staple in the late 80's and early 90's.

Kevin Fowler

                                                                                                                  With a growing portfolio of his own songs, Fowler started Thunderfoot, a hard-edged Southern rock band, and soon began releasing albums, including “Beer, Bait and Ammo”, “High on the Hog” and “Live at Billy Bob's”. After these successful regional self-releases, Fowler recently debuted his first national release, “Loose, Loud & Crazy”, in August, 2004.

Over the course of a few years, Fowler's audiences have grown from a handful of fans to packed clubs and dancehalls across Texas. “We're just a bunch of every day Joes making music for regular folks,” says Fowler, who lives in the outskirts of Austin on his “little three acres of Texas .” He is unapologetic about his music, remaining true to the spirit of the country music he grew up on - Waylon and Willie, Merle and Billy Joe Shaver. “They wrote songs for the everyday working man, and that's what you'll find when you listen to my music.”

Current Fowler fans and Texas music lovers will enjoy browsing Fowler's website at


Schreiner University Announces Record Enrollment
September 13, 2004


KERRVILLE — Schreiner University officials announced today the university's highest ever enrollment, 842 students, an increase of more than 8 percent over last fall's 780. Colleges and universities take official headcount on the 12th day of classes.

The small Presbyterian-related school has a 13:1 student-teacher ratio and offers 21majors and two master's degrees. Schreiner embarked last year on a campaign to increase its enrollment to 1,200 by the end of the decade. Additional fall semester figures seem to indicate early success. Full time undergrads increased by 9 percent, the full time freshman class is 14 percent larger, and full time transfer students increased by 16 percent. Students choosing to live on campus also increased by more than 12 percent.

Schreiner president Tim Summerlin is happy with the new numbers and applauded the work of many at the school.

"This is a great day at Schreiner,” he said. “Many factors contributed to this success. First, we have a wonderful team of people in our Admission and Financial Aid Offices, and they have worked both hard and smart. Their excellent system of communication, campus visits and responsiveness to financial need has made a major difference in our recruiting.

"In addition, our admission staff collaborates effectively with faculty, coaches and other campus offices to ensure that those who visit Schreiner truly understand the commitment of the whole campus to their success. And the success of our graduates is one of our best selling points,” Dr Summerlin said.

"We also believe that our new marketing campaign is beginning to make a contribution, significantly increasing visits to our Web site. The Web site, quality programs and our personal touch all do a great job of communicating the story of a university where "Learning By Heart" isn't just a tag line, it's a promise.

"Of course, we take nothing for granted. Part of working smart is to know that doing the right thing once is never good enough. So our admission staff has been at work for the last few months not only completing this year's recruiting, but working to be sure that this year's success is not a one-time event. But in the meantime, they have earned a hearty 'thank you.'”


Schreiner University & Kerrville Performing Arts Society (KPAS) Collaborate
September 13, 2004


Four Schreiner University graphic design seniors were challenged recently to create a new look for a local performing arts society season poster. The student's work was considered so excellent by the group that they decided to let the public choose the winner.

> pictured, from left > Schreiner University Graphic Design & Art Seniors: Amy Persyn, Matt Bass, Pierre Ramirez and Jared Briggs sit in front of their competing poster submissions for the Kerrville Performing Arts Society (KPAS) Season 2004 - 2005. On the right ProfessorDavid C. Smith, Department of Visual Arts.
- Photo by Jacquie Bovée

The Amy Persyn and Pierre Ramirez designs used animal caricatures to announce the season. Persyn's poster is filled with amazingly clever cartoon animals actually performing. Ramirez's talent shined with his excellent original drawings. Matt Bass used the artist photos in a "Retro" style and coloring.

Jared Briggs's design featured actual theater tickets gracing a spot-lit KPAS marquee. In the poster his performing artists, also seen as animal caricatures, hang out in back of the theater where a brick wall is plastered with their poster-style photos. KPAS is currently using Brigg's marquee in their season print advertising.


                                                            "It's exciting for the students to see their work displayed around town; they worked hard to complete the Project assignment," said Schreiner University graphic design professor David C. Smith. "A project like this offers great 'real world' experience for the students, an opportunity to earn course credits while sampling what it could be like working on a one-on-one basis with actual corporate clients in the future.

< Vote for your favorite KPAS season poster at the Clark Family Bakery on Quinlan. From the left, bakery owners Tami and Don Clark pose with daughter Jessica at the counter where poster entries are displayed and voting takes place.
- Photo by Jacquie Bovée

Posters are currently on display in over 159 Kerr County locations. The public is encouraged to stop by Kerrville's Clark Family Bakery on Quinlan or The West Kerr Current's office in Ingram to vote for their favorite artwork. The winner will be announced on the evening of Sept 25, just before the A&M Singing Cadets KPAS concert at the Kathleen C. Cailloux Center for the Performing Arts.

"KPAS is delighted with the project's results," said Publicity Chairman Jacquie Bovée, "The posters, the contest and the innovative and amazingly clever designs have certainly created a tremendous amount of public awareness. We appreciate and thank Schreiner University for the opportunity to interface with its talented instructors and students."


Convocation & 'Great Conversations' Welcome the New Fall Semester
September 2, 2004

Convocation and 'Great Conversations' were held Friday, August 27 to mark the beginning of the new academic semester. Convocation is a campus wide ceremony held in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center Ballroom to mark the beginning of the academic school year.

 faculty   faculty   faculty   faculty   student

 student   student   faculty   student  

Great Conversations offers a series of facilitated small group conversations around topics of contemporary interest. Each group is challenged and stimulated by two hosts - either Schreiner University faculty/staff or subject matter experts from the community who agree to act as resources for this afternoon of interesting wide-ranging discussions among people of good will and divergent opinions. Topics for the 2004 event were: The Economic Impact of Education, Travel That Changed Me, Unintended Consequences of Government Action, and The Science of Persuasion. The Great Conversations event was open to the Kerrville community and the event was so popular it filled to capacity in one day.

Prior to Convocation the SU campus was treated to a catered picnic outside the Weir Academic Building. "Phil in the Blanks", a faculty rock band fronted by English professor Dr. William Woods, entertained the crowd with a set of cover tunes. Band members are: James Harris, lead guitar; Dr. Gary Biel, Bass; Dr. Steve Ellers, rhythm guitar and student Parker S. played drums.

MTV Real World's SYRUS Coming to SU to "Rock The Vote"
August 30, 2004


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th at 8 pm in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center Ballroom.

Syrus from MTV's Real World Boston will visit Schreiner University campus on September 15th to talk about WHY it's important to VOTE (very non-partisan) during our 'Rock the Vote' campaign.

Did you know that in the last Presidential election over 15 million 18-34 year olds did not vote?! Syrus has been traveling the country educating college students on the importance of voting. Syrus received his degree in communications from the University of Hawaii and has been working with MTV's Rock the Vote campaign encourging young adults to “rock the vote”.



The Ben Beckendorf Band to Perform 'Jimmie Rodgers Tribute' at SU
August 28, 2004

Jimmie Rogers

                                                                                                                The Texas Heritage Music Foundation and Schreiner University's Department of Student Activities are proud to kick off the new school year with the first concert of the 2004-05 Coffee House Concerts Series featuring The Ben Beckendorf Band on September 8th at the Cailloux Activities Center on Schreiner University campus.

The Coffee House concert will begin at 7 p.m. with an hour-long open mic session featuring the “Road Warriors of San Miguel Global Issues” class and other talented singers and poets from the audience. The Ben Beckendorf Band will take the stage from 8-9 p.m. Beckendorf's band are regulars on the Luckenbach stage and offer an eclectic and electric mix that includes everything from B.B. King's “The Thrill is Gone” to perennial kids' favorite, “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah”. The band is a blues trio made up of Beckendorf on guitar and vocals, Jeffrey Walker on drums and John Gammil on bass. They will highlight the evening by performing a special tribute to former Kerrville resident and Father of Country Music, Jimmie Rodgers, whose birthday is September 8. Rodgers' music has influenced many of today's country, folk and blues musicians and is recognized as the first recording artist to have a single that sold more than a million copies. He is a member of both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Country Music Hall of Fame.

Faculty, Staff & Students Move Into Residence Halls
August 23, 2004

We have a unique tradition at Schreiner University where staff, faculty, and student workers help new students move into their residence centers before school starts every fall semester.

This year marked another successful move-in weekend as new students began moving in early Saturday morning, August 21st with the assistance of SU President Tim Summerlin, Vice President/Provost Mike Looney, Vice President of Administration and Finance Fred Gamble, who, among many other staff and faculty, left their suits at home in exchange for shorts and t-shirts as they helped students haul in TVs, clothes, mini-refrigerators and knick-knacks. (Even kids and dogs showed up!)

Happily, a group of very smiley and energetic Schreiner FORMER STUDENTS assisted in the effort; and thanks to all the extra help, parents and students had plenty of time to relax and enjoy a cool summer day in the beautiful hill country!

move in   move in   move in   move in   move in   move in
photos by Vicki Mullins

Student volunteers like the Chi Phi fraternity and student members of Residence Life staff were on-hand (literally) to furnish thirsty, hungry movers with drinks and snacks, and the Technology Department assisted students acquire internet access for their computers.

The following Sunday more students moved into the Pecan Grove Apartments and the other residence halls, and by sundown, the Schreiner community had nestled into their new digs, ready to start the Fall semester on Wednesday, August 25.

Star Parties Open To Public At Schreiner University
August 19, 2004

Star Party

Schreiner University will be holding a series of its popular ‘Star Parties' this fall on campus, and the public is invited to bring a blanket and join in the stargazing activities. Each Star Party focuses on a different aspect of the night sky, and no telescopes or binoculars are required - though anyone who wants to bring such equipment is welcome to do so. Teachers in area elementary and secondary schools are particularly encouraged to bring their students along with their parents for these nights of wonder and learning.

Star Party

                                                                                                      Schreiner's Star Parties for the public are held on Saturdays for the convenience of parents and children. The Star Party guide for this fall's series will be Dr. William Sliva, professor of mathematics at Schreiner and a lifelong stargazing aficionado.

Dr. Sliva has received a Schreiner University Creative Teaching award for the Star Party program. For more information on all Schreiner programs and events that are open to the public



Community Invited to Great Conversations at Schreiner University
August 18, 2004

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AUGUST 21, 2004

Due to an overwhelming response from the Kerrville community, this event is fully booked and there are no more seats available.  We apologize for this inconvenience -- thank you for your interest and stay tuned for more great events!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What makes a great conversation? Most people would agree on some of the essentials - an interesting topic, a great environment, great people and, of course, great ideas. Schreiner University is inviting the community to participate in the second annual incarnation of a new and continuing Schreiner tradition, Great Conversations.

Timed to coincide with Schreiner University's 82nd Convocation, the beginning of the new academic year, on August 27th, Great Conversations offers a series of facilitated small group conversations around topics of contemporary interest. Each group is challenged and stimulated by two hosts - either Schreiner University faculty/staff or subject matter experts from the community who agree to act as resources for this afternoon of interesting wide-ranging discussions among people of good will and divergent opinions.

Topics for the 2004 event are:

The Economic Impact of Education - 2 pm
Schreiner University president Dr. Tim Summerlin and Kerrville Independent School District superintendent Dr. Dan Troxell will turn the tables on this discussion. Higher college tuition and property taxes concern everyone, but what are the consequences if we don' t provide a quality education for the next generation? Lower household incomes, depressed sales tax revenue and increased expenditures for public services, to name a few.

Travel That Changed Me - 2 pm
Most vacations relax the body and mind. This conversation will focus on travels that feed the soul. Moderators Pebbles Wadsworth, director of the University of Texas Performing Arts Center, and Bill Drake, a traveler and expert on intercultural communication, invite you to share travel experiences that have changed you.

Unintended Consequences of Government Action - 3:15 pm
Kerrville attorney Charles Browning and Kerrville Daily Times publisher Greg Shrader will examine laws and regulations that are made to solve or prevent problems—but have unexpected consequences that may be worse than the original problem.

The Science of Persuasion - 3:15 pm
Assistant professor of psychology Dr. Jude Gallik and Kerrville entrepreneur Warren Ferguson will look at how we make decisions and how others use marketing and psychological research to influence our behavior.

Those interested in participating at no cost should RSVP for the Great Conversations event by calling (830) 792-7201 before August 23, 2004 or click to email Sandy Langley.

When you RSVP you'll be able to choose one topic from each cycle on a first come, first served basis. Groups are limited to 10-20 people to allow everyone who wants to participate to do so - some come to discuss, and some just to listen. Either mode is OK – but these are going to be Great Conversations so everyone's participation is encouraged.


Schreiner University's TV Commercials Win National "Telly" Award
posted August 7, 2004

Telly award

Three television commercials that our advertising firm, Briscoe-Hall created for Schreiner called “Monkey Love,” “Bad Water,” and “Wet Kiss” ran locally and in the San Antonio area from December 29, 2003 through the end of March 2004.

“Wet Kiss” has won a “Telly” Award, the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials and programs. Founded in 1978, the Telly Awards is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions.

The Telly Awards annually showcases the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world.

The Telly Awards receives entries from all 50 states and five continents and is a widely known and highly respected national and international competition.

Telly award

                                                                          Briscoe-Hall made the announcement at a dinner and President Tim Summerlin and Warren Ferguson (President of the Board of Trustees) accepted the Oscar-like statuette and the Telly plaque on behalf of Schreiner.

No board members, high schoolers or animals were harmed during the filming of these spots.



posted August 2, 2004

Jennifer Hudson

SU's webmaster interviewed the new Director of Student Activities, Jennifer Hudson, who joined the Schreiner University staff in June 2004...

Webmaster: So tell us a little about yourself...where did you go to school? when did you graduate? what was your major? do you have any pets?

Jennifer: I am a "military brat". I have lived all over the world. My father retired in San Antonio and I started college at St. Mary's University in San Antonio. I graduated from StMU with my bachelors in Speech Communications in 1999 and my master's in Communication Studies - Organizational Behavior in December 2001. I started working for StMU in July of 2001 as an Assistant Director of Residence Life and in the Spring of 2002 I became an adjunct professor in the English Communications department.                     

My family is a HUGE part of my life! I have an older brother Jayson. He works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Galveston as a Regulatory Specialist. My dad is a retired USAF Colonel. He volunteers at Brooke Army Medical Center and works part-time at a law firm as a legal assistant. My mom is a teacher at heart, but is currently working for J.M. Saddler, Inc. She manages the San Antonio branch from their house while chasing after the dogs. Did I mention the dogs? We have two dogs Atticus and Scout. Atticus is part German Shepard and part rottweiler, Scout is purebred German Shepard. They are a year old and live with my parents (family pets). My mom named them after characters from her favorite book "To Kill A Mocking Bird".

My favorite movie is: The Breakfast Club

My favorite food is: chocolate milk

My favorite music is: I love all kinds of music! But if I had to pick my two favorite bands I would chose U2 and Matchbox Twenty

My hobbies: SHOPPING! Reading, various crafts and working in my yard (my first home with a yard)!

Webmaster: How did you decide that Schreiner University was the right place for you to work?

Jennifer: The size of the university was appealing. I enjoy being able to interact with my students on a personal level. This enables me to be able to assist them to grow and develop as individuals and as leaders. While interviewing for the position I felt a strong sense of community. I got the impression that faculty, administrators and staff worked together as team.

Webmaster: How do you like living in Kerrville / the hill country so far? What do you do for fun?

Jennifer: I actually live in Boerne. I live in a two story duplex with a nice back yard! I will never want to live in another apartment!

For fun I like to spend time with my family and friends, go to the movies, shop, play games, and swim.

Webmaster: So what types of things do you have planned for the students this coming fall semester?

Jennifer: We will have Funny T-shirts on the first day of class! How would you like to have your picture taken as a bikini babe or muscle man? We will put your face on all sorts of different bodies, including a super model magazine cover, or an U.S. Army soldier. Your picture is then put on the t-shirt! AND IT IS FREE!! In September we will have Fun Flicks where you can make your own video! You can get up to five DVD or VHS copies! ALL FOR FREE! So bring your friends and be a super star! We will also have Bingo Nights, Rock-N-Bowl Night and SAB is looking into having a celebrity poker night! AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Webmaster: Is there anything you want to share with the new, first-year students? advice? warnings? words to live by?

Jennifer: Get involved! Be open to new experiences and ideas. Broaden your horizons by joining student groups and participating in various activities. Develop your leadership skills. "Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire." William Yeats


posted July 7, 2004

KERRVILLE—Is world peace possible? Where does it begin? How may we come to understand, to be understood by, and to move toward peace with one another? The answer may lie with an ancient people who desired peace and cooperation, according to The Past Is Prologue: A Learning Way (P.I.P.), an organization committed to demonstrating the important role of story telling as a way of learning.

The two-day annual P.I.P. conference, titled “Who Are the Human Beings?” is set for July 23 and 24 on the Schreiner University campus and is based on the stories in a book, “The Walking People” by Paula Underwood. The public is invited to participate. Conference registration is $25; lunch may be provided for an additional small fee.

Participants will discover ways to apply, in today's world, the wisdom from a vast oral history passed down to Underwood through generations of her People.

The book follows one small group of people, ten thousand years ago, who were displaced from their Edge of Ocean home. They set out to cross the Walk By Waters (the Bering Strait) to the Great Island That Lay Beyond to find a home for the children's children's children. These ancient people were committed to learning and spent time with other peoples they encountered along their trek to learn whatever was possible from each new encounter. They considered it a sacred task.

According to Dr. Kathleen Hudson, P.I.P. coordinator and Schreiner University English professor, the program is an integrated way of learning, based on an ancient Native American approach to right/left brain coordination, careful listening, and respect for all ways.

Hudson says, “Teachers around the country have demonstrated that P.I.P. is a learning method that works and the US Department of Education has validated PIP for grades K-8.”

How can any individual use this ancient wisdom in his or her own life and work? Panelists will include those who have used it in the corporate world, educators in classrooms at all levels, and caregivers of all varieties. Panelists will tell their own stories and open conversations with the participants.

Sessions are: Friday from 9:30 a.m. to noon, and from 1:30 to 5 p.m.; Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to noon, and from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Evening activities will be announced. The conference is sponsored by Schreiner University and The Past Is Prologue organization.

To register by mail, send your name, address, phone number, and e-mail contact information, along with your check for $25 to: Dr. Hudson, Coordinator for PIP, 2100 Memorial Blvd., Kerrville, TX 78028.

For more information, call Dr. Hudson's office at 830-792-7409, or Jeanne Slobod at 830-896-1159. Or click to e-mail Dr. Hudson.


Congratulations Class of 2004
posted May 10, 2004

 graduates  graduates graduates graduates  graduates graduates graduates

Hill Country College Fund Campaign Exceeds $525,000 Goal
posted May 3, 2004


The Hill Country College Fund (HCCF) 2003-04 campaign volunteers have raised a record-breaking $529,020 to fund need-based tuition assistance grants for Schreiner students from Kerr, Gillespie, Bandera, Kendall, Kimble, Edwards and Real counties. The announcement was made at a celebration party for the volunteers held at Mamacita' s in Kerrville.

Pictured left to right
R.L. Schmerbeck, III and Sue Robertson, 2003-04 campaign co-chairs; Walter and Barbara Schellhase, Citizens Division co-chairs; Marianne Wofford, Advanced Gifts chair; Sue Steele, HCCF volunteer; and Mignonne Frantzen, Schreiner University associate director of annual fund.

The 2003-2004 HCCF leaders are Campaign Co-chairpersons Sue Robertson and R.L. Schmerbeck III, and Honorary Chairman James Avery. About 100 area volunteers annually solicit gifts for the campaign, beginning with the Advanced Gifts team, chaired this year by Marianne Wofford.

The campaign' s other division leaders are: Mark Armstrong, Business Division; Walter and Barbara Schellhase, Citizens Division; Judy Ferguson, University Division; and Bill Williams, County Division.

Schreiner President Tim Summerlin gives credit for Hill Country College Fund drive' s success to the Hill Country residents, volunteers and donors. “The kind of community support this campaign receives year-in and year-out says something important about how we value higher education, and how we value each other.”

HCCF grants help about 250 students annually—more than half of all Hill Country students who attend Schreiner. They receive an average of $2,000 per year and many times it has been the difference between a student being able to attend Schreiner, or not. Last year' s campaign raised $526,622 for Hill Country students.

To volunteer for or contribute to the Hill Country College Fund Campaign, contact a Schreiner development officer at 830/792-7201. To find out how a Hill Country College Fund grant might help you reach your higher education goals, call Schreiner' s Office of Admission at 792-7217.


Schreiner University faculty honored
posted April 30, 2004

Schreiner University honored its faculty last Friday evening during a banquet where six major teaching awards were announced.

faculty honored

Dr. Fred Stevens, Schreiner professor of biology, was named 2004 Piper Professor by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation. The Foundation chooses fifteen Texas college professors annually to receive awards of $5,000 each for their dedication to the teaching profession and for their outstanding academic, scientific and scholarly achievement. Stevens, who has taught at Schreiner since 1977, is Schreiner' s third Piper Professor. Dr. Thomas Hammond (1966) and Mr. Robert Pete Hallman (1987) are previous winners from Schreiner.

PHOTO ID: left to right, Dr. Fred Stevens (standing), Dr. William Woods (seated), Dr. Lydia Kualapai (seated), Dr. William Sliva (seated), and John Jones (standing.)

John Jones, dean of the Cailloux School of Professional Studies and associate professor of accounting, was named the 2004 recipient of the Margaret Hosler Award for Excellence in Teaching. Schreiner students select the winner of this annual award based on the valuable and lasting impression their professors have had on them. A stipend of $5,000 also goes to the award winner. The award was created and funded by Richard Hosler in honor of his late wife. Jones has taught at Schreiner since 1987.

The Elmore Whitehurst Award for Creative Teaching was presented to Dr. William Sliva, professor of mathematics, who has taught at Schreiner since 1980. This award is presented annually to a faculty member selected by a panel of high school teachers, and comes with a stipend of $2,000 to be used for a special university teaching project. The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation funds this award.

Schreiner' s Excellence in Scholarship Award was established in 2001 to honor a Schreiner faculty member who excelled in scholarship or creative activity in their discipline during the current academic year. This year the award went to Dr. Lydia Kualapai, assistant professor of English, for her work in establishing a fiction series, an online student journal, a writing center, and for helping her students become excellent scholars. Dr. Kualapai came to Schreiner in 2002.

The Harriet Garrett Award for Teaching Excellence was award was established to honor a long time friend of Schreiner University, Harriet Garrett. All Schreiner students are eligible to vote for one faculty member who will lead the graduating seniors' procession at commencement ceremonies. This year's winner is Dr. William Woods, associate professor of English, who has taught at Schreiner since 1999.

Dr. Fred Stevens also took home Schreiner University' s Advisor of the Year Award for his caring attitude towards all of his advisees, his helpful guidance concerning his advisees' degree plans, and for his career counseling with them.
Schreiner University is an independent liberal arts university dedicated to superior undergraduate education and is related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


Schreiner University's Harry Crate Lecture Series on April 27
posted April 22, 2004

Robert Curl

                                                                                                                Nobel Prize recipient Robert Curl will discuss "Exploring the Upside and the Downside of Technology" as part of Schreiner University's Harry Crate Lecture Series on April 27. The public is invited to attend this free event, which will start at 7 p.m. in the Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

Curl, who has taught chemistry at Rice University since 1958, received the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of fullerenes. He earned his bachelor's degree from Rice and his Ph.D. from the University of California.

The purpose of the Harry Crate Lecture Series, which is named after a former Schreiner professor, is to encourage students to consider scientific research as a career. The series was created by Assistant Professor of Chemistry Bob Holloway, who received Schreiner's 2003 Elmore Whitehurst Award for Teaching Excellence.

For more information, contact Holloway at 830-792-7250 or


St. Mary's University Law School professor to speak at Schreiner
posted April 22, 2004

St. Mary's University School of Law professor Dr. Ana M. Novoa will discuss the legal, political and socio-economic issues involved in family and marriage laws, differences between the states, and recent developments with same-sex marriage during a lecture at Schreiner University Wednesday, April 28, at 7 p.m. in the Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center. The lecture is free and the public is welcome.

Novoa teaches civil clinic, family law, and critical jurisprudence and was
the first Mexican American woman to receive tenure at St. Mary's University
School of Law. She graduated with honors from the University of Texas School
of Law in 1982 and was in private practice in San Antonio prior to joining
St. Mary's.

Under Novoa's supervision the clinical program at the law school established
a civil legal assistance program (BICLA) for immigrants and other victims of
domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, trafficking in the human trade
and other crimes.

In the past two years Novoa has been honored as the School of Law
Distinguished Faculty Member, received the Marianist Heritage Award, the
Alice Franzke Feminist Award and the Chancellor's Award at St. Mary's


Speakers for Graduation Ceremonies Announced
posted April 10, 2004

Dr. Ted Wardlaw, President of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, will address Schreiner's Class of 2004 at the baccalaureate service on May 8, followed by Dr. Carol McDonald, executive director of Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT), who will speak at the commencement ceremony. The baccalaureate service will start at 10:30 a.m. and commencement will begin at 1:30 p.m.; both will be held in the Edington Center.

Dr. Ted Wardlaw                                                                                                                         Wardlaw became the ninth president of Austin Seminary in 2002. Prior to that, he served as pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in Atlanta from 1991 to 2002. He also has served the Setauket Presbyterian Church in
Setaukey, Long Island, N.Y.; Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church in Sherman; and Germantown Presbyterian Church in Germantown, Tenn. He earned his doctor of ministry from Union Theological Seminary in Richmand, Va., and his master of sacred theology from Yale University Divinity School.

McDonaldIn 1982, McDonald became president of ICUT, an association of the 40 fully accredited private colleges and universities in Texas. Prior to that, she taught at the National Institute for Public Administration in Malaysia and worked in the Texas Lieutenant Governor's office. She earned her bachelor's degree from Austin College, master's degree from the University of Texas and master of public affairs degree from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.



SU Vice President Fred Gamble Raises Over $1500 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association
posted April 6, 2004

Fred Gamble                                                               Vice President of Administration and Finance Fred Gamble participated in the 'Muscular Dystrophy Association Lock-Up' on April 1st in Kerrville.

Gamble raised over $1500 in bail money (donations) to help continue research into the causes and cures for 43 neuromuscular diseases and to help the MDA provide services to over 650 local families, including orthopedic equipment, clinic visits and summer camp.

Fred was "arrested" and picked up by Sheriff's Department Deputy Ruben Rodriguez and driven in the patrol car to the "Lock-Up" site at Chili's restaurant.



Ish Kundawala

Austin writer Ish Kundawala headlines Schreiner University's Annual Texas Writers Conference Tuesday, April 20, on campus at the Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center. The student-produced event is free and open to the public.

The conference begins at 4:30 p.m. with Kundawala's creative writing workshop based on her schooling at Naropa in Boulder, Colorado.
Sigma Tau Delta, Schreiner University's English honor society, will host a reception at 7 p.m. where student editors Coulter B., Angelique L.
and Melissa V. will unveil the 2004 edition of The Muse, Schreiner's creative writing magazine.

The conference's reading session will begin at 7:30 p.m. Participants include Kundawala, Schreiner University students, faculty members Dr. Tom Wells and Dr. Fred Stevens, representatives of The Muse and Sigma Tau Delta.
Funding for this year's conference comes from a grant by the Schreiner
Student Senate. Other students who have helped produce the event are those
in creative writing, technical writing and world literature classes.

Past Texas Writers Conference featured readers include Sandra Cisneros, Red
Steagall, James McMurtry, Tish Hinojosa, Robert Flynn, Elmer Kelton, Roxy
Gordon and Anne Schneider.

Contact Kathleen Hudson at 792-7409 for more information.


posted March 29, 2004

Schreiner University has announced its 2004 Distinguished Alumni Martin L. Allday '44 and John L. Kammerdiener '57. The University will honor the two alumni along with four Athletic Hall of Honor inductees, during a recognition banquet at 6 p.m. April 1 at the Floyd A. and Kathleen C. Cailloux Campus Activity Center. The public is invited to attend. Cost is $40 per person‹call (830) 792-7201.

The keynote speaker at the banquet will be Grant Teaff, executive director of the American Football Coaches Association and Baylor's all-time winningest coach. Teaff was head football coach at Baylor for 21 years, leading the Bears to Southwest Conference titles in 1974 and 1980.

Schreiner's Distinguished Alumnus award was created in 1977 to honor former students whose personal or professional lives have achieved a conspicuous level of success.


                                                                                                            Allday graduated from Schreiner Institute in 1944 and the University of Texas where he earned his juris prudence degree in 1951. Upon graduation, he became a legal examiner at the Railroad Commission of Texas. He then joined the legal department of the Superior Oil Company. From 1959­1989, he was a member of the Midland law firm of Lynch, Chappell, Allday and Alsup. Allday was nominated to be Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by President George Bush in 1989. He served as chairman until 1993. He currently is of counsel to the law firm of Scott, Douglass and McConnico in their Austin office.

Allday served as a combat infantryman in the Pacific during World War II and received the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Combat Infantryman's Badge. He is a past president of the Midland County Bar Association and a past chairman of the Mineral Section of the State Bar of Texas. He is a member of the Travis County, Texas, District of Columbia and American Bar Associations and is a fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation. Among his civic and volunteer activities, Allday has been involved with the National Parks Foundation, the Midland Memorial Hospital Foundation, the High Sky Children's Ranch, Midland Chamber of Commerce, Midland Jaycees and the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum.

In 1997, Texas Gov. George W. Bush appointed Allday as the chairman of a three-person committee to oversee the Texas State Cemetery. In 2002, he was honored with the Pioneer Award the Texas Railroad Commission's highest award‹for his work in the oil and gas industry. He and his wife, Patricia, live in Austin. They have three children and six grandchildren.


Kammerdiener graduated from Schreiner Institute in 1957 with an associate degree. He graduated first in his class from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1961. He served 11 years in the United States Army, earning three Bronze Star decorations in Vietnam. He served as an Airborne Ranger and was commissioned in the Army Corps of Engineers.

Kammerdiener earned his master's degree and Ph.D. in nuclear physics from the University of California. He was named Lab Fellow at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. He and his wife, Ellen, live in Marble Falls.



posted March 29, 2004

Schreiner University has announced its 2004 Athletic Hall of Honor inductees. They are John R. "Bob" Bowmer '53, the late H.C. "Bully" Gilstrap, the late Donald "Red" Richardson '51 and Donald W. Suman Sr. '38.

Schreiner will honor the inductees, along with two Distinguished Alumni, during a recognition banquet at 6 p.m. April 1 at the Floyd A. and Kathleen C. Cailloux Campus Activity Center. The public is invited to attend. Cost is $40 per person- call (830) 792-7201.

The keynote speaker at the banquet will be Grant Teaff, executive director of the American Football Coaches Association and Baylor's all-time winningest coach. Teaff was head football coach at Baylor for 21 years, leading the Bears to Southwest Conference titles in 1974 and 1980.

Schreiner created the Athletic Hall of Honor in 2003 to celebrate former students' athletic achievements during their years at Schreiner and afterward.


                                                                                                    Bowmer was quarterback at Schreiner for two years, leading the team to 6-4 and 5-4-1 records. He was selected twice as All Conference and All State Quarterback. He also played tennis at Schreiner, and was No. 1 in doubles and No. 2 in singles.

Bowmer then played football for the University of Texas for two years before serving two years in the U.S. Army. He then earned his bachelor's degree in geology from Midwestern State University. He worked for Shell Oil for almost eight years before being offered a position with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in 1967. Today, he is a vice president and financial advisor at Morgan Stanley.

Gilstrap Gilstrap played football, basketball and ran track at the University of Texas from 1921 to 1923. In 1925, he was named the head coach of a young Schreiner football team. He built the team into one of the state's top junior college powers. The highlight of his 12 years at Schreiner was winning the state junior college football championship in 1935.

In 1937, Gilstrap was hired as an assistant football coach at UT. He coached football at UT for 20 years. In addition, he coached basketball at UT for three years, compiling a 43-28 record and leading his team to the Southwest Conference basketball co-championship and to a runner-up finish in the NCAA Tournament.

Gilstrap retired from coaching in 1956 and became a physical-training instructor at UT until retiring in the early 1970s. He was voted into the Longhorn Hall of Honor in 1968. He died in 1989 at the age of 87.


                                                                                                  Richardson was a punter for the Schreiner football team, earning the All-Pioneer Conference punting crown in 1950. He also assisted the Schreiner track team to an undefeated year in 1950, taking first place in the high jump, placing second in the broad jump and running a leg on the championship 440-yard relay team. After graduating from Schreiner, he attended Alabama University.

Richardson's love for sports continued into his adulthood‹he played semi-pro football, softball and basketball; he coached a semi-pro women's basketball team; and he officiated football, basketball and baseball. He died in 1984.


Suman was first team All-State in football at Schreiner in 1938 and second team All-State in basketball that same year. He then played football and basketball at Rice before leaving at the end of his junior year to enter the U.S. Air Force. While at the second stage of his pilot training, he injured his knee and was given an Honorable Medical Discharge.

Suman returned to Rice and graduated in 1944. He then worked for Rice, eventually becoming the assistant basketball coach in 1947 and head basketball coach in 1949. In 1954, his team won the Southwest Conference Championship, with a 23-5 record. That same year he was named Outstanding Coach of the Year in the Southwest Conference.

After coaching for 10 years at Rice, he went to work for an American League Professional football team for three years and then joined John L. Wortham and Son Fire and Casualty Insurance Agency, where he remained for 22 years until his retirement in 1985.


Greystone Preparatory School to Open at Schreiner
posted March 25, 2004


                                                                  Schreiner University will host Greystone Preparatory School on campus starting Fall 2004. Greystone offers students from around the country a one-year program designed specifically to prepare them for qualification into one of the five United States Service Academies (Annapolis, West Point, the Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy and Merchant Marine Academy).

Greystone students will be full-time Schreiner freshmen. These students will enroll in Schreiner calculus, chemistry, American history and English composition & rhetoric courses as well as the Freshman IDST and Physical Education courses.

Greystone students will live in L.A. Schreiner Residence Hall and are expected to blend into the campus community as active participants in student activities and events. Aside from the classroom, you can expect to run into Greystone students in the athletic facilities and the ball fields. Sports participation is a required part of the Greystone program.

David Bailey

The Greystone Director is David Bailey who retired as a Navy Commander this past June. As a “ship-driver”, his service took him around the world and finally back to his alma mater as a faculty member in the Weapons and Systems Engineering Department at the United States Naval Academy.

Bailey says "Greystone is fortunate to be part of the Schreiner community. Together, we can create a positive environment conducive to learning that only the Texas Hill Country can provide."

To learn more about Greystone, click here to visit the website at .



SU's Harry Crate Lecture Series on March 30
March 17, 2004

Michelle Bushey

                                                                                                         Michelle Bushey will discuss "Capillary Separations: It's a Small, Small World" as part of Schreiner University's Harry Crate Lecture Series on March 30. The public is invited to attend this free event, which will start at 6:30 p.m. in the Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center.

Bushey has taught chemistry at Trinity University since 1990 and was named chairwoman of the Chemistry Department in 2001. She is a recognized authority in capillary electrophoresis, with particular credits in the micellar electrokinetic chromatography of bile-bilirubin systems. She has numerous publications and more than 50 presentations with her students at scientific meetings throughout the country. Her work has been recognized and supported by awards and grants from the National Science Foundation, The Camille and Henry Dreyfuss Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Robert Welch Foundation, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, and several private companies.

Bushey earned her bachelor's degree from Oberlin College and her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. After graduating from Oberlin, she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya.

The purpose of the Harry Crate Lecture Series, which is named after a former Schreiner professor, is to encourage students to consider scientific research as a career. The series was created by Assistant Professor of Chemistry Bob Holloway, who received Schreiner's 2003 Elmore Whitehurst Award for Teaching Excellence.

For more information, contact Holloway at 830-792-7250 or


Schreiner Hosts the 107th Annual Meeting of the Texas Academy of Science
March 5, 2004

Texas Academy of Science

Two Schreiner University professors received recognition this past weekend when Schreiner hosted the 107th annual meeting of the Texas Academy of Science on campus. More than 400 participated in symposia, heard research presentations, and saw exhibits.

Schreiner' s provost and professor of chemistry, Dr. Michael Looney (pictured above, left), and professor of biology, Dr. Fred Stevens (pictured right), were named Fellows in the Academy at campus ceremonies Friday evening.

Only two other Fellows were named this year: Dr. Tom Atchison, Stephen F. Austin State University, and Dr. Alice Hempel, Texas A&M University–Kingsville. The honor is given to recognize lifetime contributions to science and to the Academy.

The purpose of the Texas Academy of Science is to encourage excellence in science and in science education, to stimulate communication among scientists and between scientists and the citizens of the state, and to provide specialists that can be called upon when needed by the executive and legislative branches of state government or by state agencies, according to the organization' s constitution.

Dr. John Perez

                                                                                       (Pictured left) Dr. John Perez of Texas A&M University, Kingsville, was named Texas Academy of Science 2004 Distinguished Scientist.

For more information about the Texas Academy of Science annual meeting, call Dr. Stevens at (830) 792-7248 or e-mail him at




Support Schreiner With One Mouse Click
March 2, 2004


                                                                                                                Giving to Schreiner is now just a click away. Former students, parents and friends can now make a donation online.

This new feature on Schreiner's web site is a convenience for donors who wish to help Schreiner by making a secure donation without writing a check, finding a stamp or mailing an envelope. All transactions are secure and confidential.

"We are excited to offer this new service to our supporters," says Mark Tuschak, vice president for advancement and public affairs. "Private donations are important so that Schreiner can continue to offer a superior education and provide personal attention for our students."

Despite the addition of this new service, Tuschak said former students, parents and friends are always welcome to stop by the Alumni House on campus for a personal visit with the advancement staff.


State Representative Joe Deshotel (District 22) recognized by Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (I.C.U.T.) for outstanding service to Texas higher education at Schreiner University ceremony
March 1, 2004

Joe Deshotel

                                                      KERRVILLE—Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (I.C.U.T.) today honored State Representative Joe Deshotel (22nd Legislative District) for his work to ensure the vitality and accessibility of Texas colleges during a ceremony at Schreiner University in Kerrville.

I.C.U.T. is a nonprofit association and the voice for Texas' fully accredited private colleges and universities, 40 of which are member institutions.
I.C.U.T. president Carol McDonald expressed her gratitude on behalf of the organization stressing Deshotel' s vital role in saving Texas' Tuition Equalization Grant (T.E.G.) funding from catastrophic budget cuts during the last legislative session. T.E.G. grants help students from all socioeconomic backgrounds afford tuition at independent institutions of higher education, bridging the gap between the state-subsidized tuition charged by public institutions and the price of attending an independent college or university. Today, the TEG program provides grants up to $3,653 per year to thousands of students, making an independent college a real possibility.

Schreiner University president and I.C.U.T. board member, Dr. Tim Summerlin, presented the award of appreciation to Deshotel.

Summerlin said, “Joe Deshotel is a person who understands the needs of Texas and the importance of higher education to a healthy future for the state. We appreciate his strong support for the public and the independent sectors of higher education, both of which are critical to the enormous educational task facing us as we commit to closing the gaps of educational opportunity and success.” Deshotel responded that he appreciated the honor, especially in the company of university students.

Summerlin and Deshotel are long-time friends, both having served in the administration of Lamar University–Beaumont in the early 90' s; Summerlin as special assistant to the president and Deshotel as vice president for administration and legal counsel.

Deshotel was elected to the House of Representatives in 1998 from the district that includes parts of Jefferson and Orange Counties in the Golden Triangle of the Texas Gulf Coast. He serves on the powerful House Appropriations Committee, is vice chair of Local and Consent Calendars, and was appointed to the House Select Committee on State Health Care Expenditures. At the end of the 76th Legislative Session, the Legislative Study Group presented Deshotel with the Rising Star Award. During the 77th Session, his colleagues in the Texas Legislative Black Caucus elected him chairman.

Prior to serving on the Legislature, Deshotel was a successful attorney, businessman and life-long resident of Beaumont. He served on the Beaumont city council and was appointed by Governor Mark White to the Job Training Coordnating Council and Lamar University Board of Regents.

ICUT promotes increased funding for student financial aid programs and other proposals that improve the quality of, or access to, higher education in Texas. ICUT also advances the interests of the Texas system of higher education, including both public-supported and independent colleges and universities, with special concern for the dual nature of the system, its quality, freedom, and responsibility to serve the educational and cultural needs of the state, nation, and the world. Finally, ICUT assists in cooperative endeavors with state-supported institutions and agencies in performing the educational tasks and meeting the educational needs of Texas.


Feb 20, 2004

Schreiner University seeks design concepts for a memorial to honor Schreiner University's military past and Schreiner's former students who gave their lives while serving in the military.

The history of Schreiner University, College and Institute firmly sits on a foundation of military structure, service and care for one another. To insure our military background is remembered as an important era in Schreiner's history, we would like to build a memorial to Schreiner's military past and to its former students who made the ultimate sacrifice during military service. We anticipate that the memorial will be outdoors on the Schreiner University campus grounds.


Feb 19, 2004

Schreiner University's Choir, Jazz Ensemble and Small Women's Ensemble will perform at 7 p.m. February 29 in Dietert Auditorium on the Schreiner campus. The public is invited to attend; there is no admission charge.

According to Schreiner choir director Michael Kahl, the concert will feature musical selections ranging from classical and gospel to musical theater, as well as a medley from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." For more information, contact Kahl at (830) 792-7390.


Feb 17, 2004

The Schreiner University Theatre Department will present "an evening of one-acts plays" at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 19­21 in the Hanszen Fine Arts Center on the Schreiner campus. The public is invited, admission is free, and seating is first-come, first-served.

Schreiner senior Emily Houghton will direct the Neil Simon play "Visitor from Forest Hills," a hilarious look at pre-wedding jitters as the bride-to-be locks herself in the bathroom of the posh Plaza Suite in New York City. Schreiner students Alysse Garcia, Brian Crabb and Ella Johnson star in the play.
Schreiner junior Joshua O'Brien will direct the one-act play "The Insanity of Mary Girard," starring Schreiner students Stephanie Ramirez, Tom D'Amore, Matt Willis, Rae Matthews and Jessica Nail.

For more information, contact professor of theatre Claudia Sullivan at (830) 792-7401.


Schreiner University Art Department Invites Students To A "Taste Of Schreiner" on April 3
Feb 16, 2004

The "Taste of Schreiner" is a Visual and Graphic Arts Workshop for high school students held April 3, 2004. This spring workshop offers a taste of diverse, personal learning experiences in various art media and disciplines. Our "menu" plan is designed to allow the student a wide sampling of the SU art program. Each workshop is planned to each student's creative palette. For more information click here!


National Recording Artist Eric Hutchinson To Perform at SU Feb 25th
Feb 13, 2004

Eric Hutchinson

                                                                                                          With his refreshing brand of acoustic pop, 21 year-old Eric Hutchinson has spent the last 7 years steadily converting audiences all across the country into fans. Eric's energetic and humorous live performances have built him a reputation as a dynamic young star with unmistakably original songs from New York to Boston to Los Angeles. Growing up in Washington, D.C. Eric's musical journey began when he found his Mom's old guitar in their basement. After exploring many aspects of music, from Hip-hop to Folk to Rock, Eric finally found his niche and developed his own inventive acoustic style.

Critics have compared his work to the straight-forward emotion of Ben Harper, the clever lyricism of Paul Simon, and the catchy hooks of Dave Matthews. But while his influences range from Billy Joel and Elvis Costello to Michael Jackson, Eric's music has emerged as a unique sound all its own. And people are starting to take notice! Eric will perform in the Corner Pocket on February 25, 2004 at 7 pm.


Attention Meeting Planners: Book Your Event at Schreiner
Feb 4, 2004


Are you a meeting planner or member of a professional organization that has annual conferences? Are you tired of going along with the crowd? Are you just another reservation number? Are you on a big campus with no transportation? YOU & YOUR GROUP needs personal need an Event Coordinator who will anticipate your needs.

Schreiner University has residence halls and apartments, meeting rooms and breakout rooms, large auditoriums, conference rooms, workout space and a swimming pool, and many more amenities. Our facilities are available for Summer or Winter. Contact Gordon Findlay to discuss reasonable rates for your next event!


Schreiner University presents "Stardust and Genesis: The stuff dreams
(and worlds) are made of"
February 3, 2004

On Monday, February 16, Schreiner University will present a
representative of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, John Gibbons,
who will talk about two recent NASA missions: Stardust and Genesis. Gibbons
will begin his lecture at 7 p.m. in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center on
campus. The public is invited and there is no admission charge.

The two NASA missions are gathering information and samples from different
sources that will tell us more about the nebula that gave birth to the sun,
the Earth, and the other planets. Stardust flew by the comet Wild 2 on
January 2, taking pictures and measurements, and capturing samples of dust
to bring back to Earth. Genesis has been gathering particles of the solar
wind since November of 2001, and will be bringing them back for analysis
later this year. This presentation will describe how these spacecraft, the
first extra-terrestrial sample return missions since the Apollo lunar
landings, will use seemingly opposite sources to learn about the formation
and history of our solar system.

For more information, contact Dr. William Sliva, Schreiner professor of
mathematics, at 792-7249 or e-mail him at


SU Theatre Department to Host Reader's Theatre
January 28, 2004

Schreiner University's Theatre Department will host a Readers Theatre, "It's All in the Frijoles," on Feb. 2 in the Hanszen Fine Arts Building. The event, which is free and open to the public, will start at 7 p.m.
Refreshments will be served before and after the performance.

Directed by senior Emily Houghton and featuring Stephanie Ramirez and Adrianna Acosta, "It's All in the Frijoles" will highlight the Latino culture and explore the richness of Latino literature. It will be presented in both Spanish and English in order to display the beauty of the languages.

The event is part of the Theatre Department's First Monday Series. The next First Monday "Krapp's Last Tape" directed by freshman Ella Johnson will be at 7 p.m. March 1 in the Hanszen Fine Arts Building.

For more information, call Schreiner theater professor Dr. Claudia Sullivan at 792-7401.

 Dr. Diane Garrett

SU Business Pro fessor Dr. Diane Garrett Featured in San Antonio Business Journal  (excerpt from San Antonio Business Journal)

Professor has mind for gold
Mike W. Thomas
January 20, 2004
                                                                                                                 When Joseph van Bastelaar, the founder of Canadian-based gold mining company Romarco Minerals, decided to retire last year, he found his replacement at Schreiner University -- a small liberal arts school in Kerrville.


Register Now for the 'Mountaineer 5K' to be Held April 3, 2004
January 15, 2004

The Schreiner University 2nd Annual Mountaineer 5K Run/Walk is a wonderful way to visit the beautiful Texas Hill Country in the Spring. This event, held in conjunction with Recall Weekend, offers a fun course around the University and through a nearby neighborhood.

5K Run/Walk Fee per selection: Adults $15.00 and children $10.00.
1 Mile Family Walk Fee per selection: Adults $5.00 and children are free.


Retired CIA Analyst to Speak at Schreiner
January 14, 2004

Ray McGovern

                                                                                                                    Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern will present a program on "Intelligence and War: Lessons from the Recent Past" at 7 p.m. Jan. 21 in the Floyd & Kathleen Cailloux Campus Activity Center on campus, as part of the spring 2004 Speak Truth to Power Series at Schreiner. The public is invited to attend, and there is no admission charge.

McGovern's 27-year career as a CIA analyst spanned administrations from John F. Kennedy to George H. W. Bush. He is now co-director of the Servant Leadership School, which provides training and other support for those seeking ways to be in relationship with the marginalized poor. The school is one of 10 Jubilee Ministries, not-for-profit organizations inspired by the ecumenical Church of the Saviour and established in an inner-city neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

McGovern's duties at CIA included chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing the President's Daily Brief (PDB). These, the most authoritative genres of intelligence reporting, have been the focus of press reporting on "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq and on what the president was told before 9/11. During the mid-1980s, McGovern was one of the senior analysts conducting early morning briefings of the PDB one-on-one with the Vice President, the Secretaries of State and Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.

McGovern received his B.A. from Fordham College and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Designated a Distinguished Military Graduate, he was commissioned upon graduation and served as an infantry/intelligence officer in the U.S. Army from 1962­64. He holds an M.A. in Russian Studies from Fordham University and a certificate in Theological Studies from Georgetown University. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program.

For more information about the program, contact Dr. Tom Wells, Schreiner professor of exercise science and the series' founder, at 792-7429.


New Advertising Campaign Launched
January 8, 2004


Hundreds of thousands in the Texas Hill Country and San Antonio area who have never heard of Schreiner University began learning about it on December 29. That was the launch date of an advertising campaign associated with the college' s new comprehensive marketing plan. Television, radio, print, billboard and movie theater ads are expected to gain broad attention and make viewers curious enough to find out more.

"The 'Learning by Heart' campaign is the culmination of nearly a year of study and several years of strategic planning," says Schreiner president Dr. Tim Summerlin.

"Our primary objective is to increase Schreiner' s student population to 1,200 by 2010. In addition, we are working to boost first-year student retention to 80 percent by 2008 and to build our endowment to $100 million by 2013. Our success in reaching these levels will ensure a number of positive economies of scale including the ability to operate more academic programs more efficiently," Summerlin says.

The ads targeting young prospective students use humor as the “hook.” They are designed to be unusual enough to spur young viewers to visit Schreiner' s web site or call for Schreiner publications to find out more about the school. Click here to visit the "Brainheart" web site and click here to tell us what you think about this part of the campaign.

For more mature audiences, ads in Texas Monthly and newspapers focus more on the close mentoring relationship Schreiner students develop with their professors and the many advantages of being part of Schreiner' s learning community. "Heart warming. Brain training."

Public relations efforts are also spreading the word about Schreiner, including recent articles in the Kerrville Daily Times regarding the recent campus Christmas celebration, the San Antonio Express-News' "Portrait of a Leader" feature on Tim Summerlin, a New Braunfels radio interview with Dr. Kathleen Hudson in December, and an upcoming feature story on Dr. Diane Garrett in the San Antonio Business Journal.

The SU board of trustees' ad hoc marketing committee, headed by board chairman Warren Ferguson, worked with Summerlin and other university administrators to study strategic goals, analyze current market conditions, formulate marketing targets, and consult experts in higher education before deciding to include advertising to stimulate enrollment growth. The group interviewed several marketing firms from Austin, San Antonio and Kerrville, and selected Briscoe Hall of Kerrville and Dublin & Associates, Inc. of San Antonio to assist Schreiner with advertising and public relations respectively.

"Prospective students and their parents want to know something about the schools they will consider long before a college night program at the high school and prior to taking the SAT or ACT tests. We need to make sure they' re aware of what Schreiner University offers before the student even reaches high school. We' ve got several ways we plan to accomplish that. Advertising is simply the most visible." Summerlin says.

"It' s time for more people to recognize what an excellent university Schreiner is and what a value it is, too,"Summerlin says. "Our faculty excel in developing mentoring relationships with each student and teaching them in ways that connect experiences, natural curiosity, up-to-the-moment knowledge and insight from other disciplines resulting in a well-rounded education, one that serves as bedrock for a lifetime of achievement."

Summerlin added that even when its undergrad student population reaches 1,200 and includes the additional faculty to teach them, Schreiner will remain one of the smaller universities in the state and will maintain the personalized approach to education that sets it apart. "Early indications are that the campaign is having its desired effect. Visitors to the Schreiner University web site have doubled and people downloading applications for admissions have nearly doubled.

"It is too early to declare victory, but early signs are promising," reported Summerlin.


International Studies Gears Up for 2004
January 7, 2004

International studies

The International Studies Department will offer immersion study trips to Mexico, London, and New York City in 2004. Make plans now to visit San Miguel de Allende, Mexico May 11 - 27, 2004 with Dr. Kathleen Hudson, who makes her annual pilgrimmage to her "home away from home" to teach IDST 4240, Global Issues.

New this year! Dr. Robert Hunter will accompany Dr. Hudson, and will teach Spanish 2303 and Spanish 2304 in an immersion experience.

July 12 - 26, 2004 Dr. Lydia Kualapai & Dr. David Breeden will take a student group to London offering the following classes: IDST 3260, Aesthetics; ENGL 3306, Creative Writing; and IDST 2270, Sketchbook Journal.

A group from SU will spend its Spring Break in the Big Apple! From March 7-12, 2004, Dr. Donald Crandall will be in New York City studying "Broadway and the Arts" for the IDST 3260, Aesthetics course. Unfortunately, this class filled up quickly and is closed to new enrollees.