Campus News 2006

For Immediate Release
August 17, 2006

Schreiner University Singers Available For Community Events    

Schreiner University Choir director Michael Kahl is offering community organizations an opportunity to book the entire choir, a small ensemble, or even single or duo performers for community events during the 2006 fall semester.  

Schreiner University Choir performs at Governor's Luncheon April 2006“We can perform in different styles from classical, jazz, folk, to spirituals, music-theater and contemporary pop,” Kahl said. “We also have some singers who can sing solos in a variety of styles if you are only looking for one to two musicians to perform at an event.”

He added, “We’re open to any kind of request, from providing musical entertainment for a banquet or lunch/dinner setting to singing the national anthem at a sporting event.”      

Kahl, assistant professor of music at Schreiner, emphasizes that there is no charge to non-profit community organizations in booking performances by Schreiner University singers, although donations are gratefully accepted – especially in support of the choir’s 2007 trip to sing in the ancient cathedrals of Italy and perform in a choir festival in Verona.

Kahl cautions “The only catch is that we really need to have your booking as much in advance as possible because, for example, many of the prime dates around the holidays are already booked – though not all, by any means.”

If you’d like the Schreiner University Choir or a small ensemble to perform at a community event during the 2006 fall semester, please contact Kahl as soon as possible with the following information:

• Date, time and location of event
• An estimate of how long you’d like the group to perform
• The style of music you are interested in having the group perform
• Is it a formal event or casual? Choir members can wear either a formal gown/tuxedo or choir polo shirt with khaki or jeans

For more information contact Kahl at (830) 792-7410 or    

To have an e-mail reminder sent to you prior to an event please visit our CAMPUS CALENDAR. Just click on the event you are interested in and choose the option "set reminder" on the detail page.