Campus News 2006

For Immediate Release
July 12, 2006

Young Readers Improve Skills at Schreiner University

young readers at Schreiner University Front row from left to right, Nick Hagigholam, Jeremy Martinez, Myles Garcia, Lauren Workman, & Kennedie Smith.  Back row from left to right, Julie Reeh, Jessica Wright, Hermilia Ibarra, Kenyon Ecker, Lyndsay Armstrong Hassell, & Sandra Van Winkle.  

Young Kerr County residents were able to improve their literacy skills during the Summer Reading Academy held on the Schreiner University campus June 6-29.

Karen Backor, instructor of education and reading at Schreiner, said all pre-service teachers enrolled in her Diagnosis & Remediation Reading class, administered tests to students on their first day at the academy to determine their reading level and skills. Then they followed each child personally to monitor their progress throughout the month.

“We were very happy with our students’ accomplishments this summer,” said Backor. “It was a wonderful experience for my pre-service teachers as well as the children.”

At the end of the academy’s last session students were given a Schreiner University T-shirt and cap compliments of Dr. Carole Errett, Ph.D., director of the Dept. of Education at Schreiner, and a graduation party was held for the children and their families.  

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