Campus News 2006

For Immediate Release
March 9, 2006

Schreiner University Students Conducting Research for KVHC    

Students at Schreiner University are getting some first-hand experience with the business world through one of their courses.  Business Research is a senior-level course where students get to participate in actual client-based research. It is part of an overall effort at Schreiner University to foster student-faculty research collaboration in the interests of learning.  Schreiner students, Jennifer King, Greg Kirkham, Henry Cadena and David Taylor II are conducting research on the viewing habits and preferences of KVHC-LP Television viewers.        

students and KVHC staff

Pictured left to right – Jennifer King, Mary Silver (Gen. Mgr. KVHC), David Taylor, Henry Cadena, Greg Kirkham, Rick Phipps (Exec. Dir. At KVHC) and Jim Handley, sales manager at KVHC.

KVHC station manager Mary Silver said she is thrilled with the work being conducted by the students.  “They seem to have really done their homework and are making the survey a very professional piece,” Silver said.

Professor Mark Woodhull, who teaches the class, said it is a multi-discipline course where students can experience the research process within their specific discipline. “I think joint research keeps Schreiner’s programs at the leading edge of current educational trends in the country and it certainly offers a real-world experience to our graduating seniors that zooms beyond a simple academic exercise towards a real-world business environment experience,” Woodhull said.

Kirkham said the class with its hands-on research offers a welcome break from test taking and homework. “In addition to being an exciting challenge, the experience we gain in this class will be critical in the business world,” Kirkham said.

King said there is a live focus group session scheduled for broadcast on KVHC Channel 15 Wednesday, March 29 from 7-8 p.m.  “This is the most challenging, but rewarding, curriculum I have ever encountered,” King. “It’s a do-or-die situation with this class, it’s not just about the grade, people are counting on us.”

Silver said the research came about after Woodhull placed a student intern at the station and that student broached the subject of a marketing survey.  “This is research that is going to be totally unbiased and can be taken credibly and that is very important to us,” King said.

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