Campus News 2006

For Immediate Release
March 24, 2006

Schreiner University to Unveil Sam Lanham Digital Library of Texas Hill Country History April 6

Schreiner University’s William Logan Library is aiming to bring the past to life through its Sam Lanham Digital Library of Texas Hill Country History.

The digital library will celebrate its grand opening with a reception on April 6 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the William Logan Library on the Schreiner campus. The public is welcome at this event. There is no charge to attend.  There will be a short presentation of the digital library at 5:30 p.m. in the Scarle Philips room in the library.

The collection includes dozens of documents and images of historical importance, including many referencing the Knights of the Golden Circle, a pro-Confederate group founded in the 1880s.

Sara Schmidt, special collections librarian for Schreiner, said the digital library provides a way for historical documents to be taken care of but still be accessible to the public.  “This is creating a depository of the people who helped shape the Hill Country,” Schmidt said.

The Sam Lanham Digital Library of Texas Hill Country History promotes the study of history using digital technologies. Through its dynamic website, the Library strives to generate, preserve, and improve access to collections of Hill Country history to serve the public.

Several factors influence the selection of items to be digitized in the SLDL, including preservation considerations, historical significance and value, and potential for digitization.

Dr. Sam Lanham said of the digital library that bears his name, “It is too easy for these important documents to get lost or destroyed. It is crucial that we preserve them and that is what this digital library will do.”

Candice Scott, director of the William Logan Library and information technology, said, “As an academic institution, Schreiner has an obligation to contribute as best it can to the accumulated knowledge of mankind. The Sam Lanham Digital Library will become one small way for Schreiner’s library and technology departments to do just that. We have many rare manuscripts and monographs that document the history of the Hill Country – and we hope to collect more.  Making those items available via the Internet contributes to the efforts of historians, teachers, students, and general researchers by providing access to anyone with an internet-connected machine.  At the same time, we will broaden Schreiner’s presence in the academic world.”

Scott said the digital library bears Lanham’s name because of his enormous contributions to Schreiner and the library.  Lanham is a former student, professor and member of the board of trustees.  “We are honored to name our digital library for Dr. Sam Lanham, a former faculty member and a life-long friend of the library and of learning. It is through Dr. Lanham’s generosity that we have most of these rare documents. It is from his continuing support and encouragement that we are growing the Hill Country collection. With his help, we are making a difference.”

For more information about the Sam Lanham Digital Library of Texas Hill Country History please contact Candice Scott at 830-792-7318 or by email at

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