Kerr County Sesquicentennial Moments

For Immediate Release
September 1, 2006

Kerr County Sesquicentennial Moments

Schreiner University’s Advanced English Composition class taught by Sarah Hannay researched and wrote a series of Sesquicentennial moments to be aired on Texas Public Radio, KTXI-FM 90.1.

Sponsored by Texas Public Radio and in conjunction with Schreiner University and James Avery Craftsman, the moments will recognize the Kerr County Sesquicentennial during the month of September. Texas Public Radio will broadcast twenty distinct 90 second accounts of various aspects of Kerr Country history that provide historical accounts of the contributions of personalities such as Joshua Brown, Christian Dietert, Jimmie Rodgers, Charles Schreiner, James Avery and Howard Butt and relate little known facts about places such as the Glenn Rest Cemetery, Camp Mystic and the YO Ranch. These accounts will be called “Kerr County Sesquicentennial Moments”.

Each Sesquicentennial Moment will air twice daily, Monday through Friday, starting September 4, 2006. Air times are set for the 7 a.m. hour (Morning Edition), and the 4 p.m. hour (All Things Considered). The schedule will also be published on the Texas Public Radio website at

Four Kerr County personalities will be presenting the Sesquicentennial Moments. Three individuals are from Schreiner University and include Dr. Tim Summerlin, President; Mr. Fred Gamble, Vice President for Administration and Finance; and Dr. Kathleen Hudson, Professor of English. Mr. Joe Herring, columnist, Kerrville Daily Times, will round out the quartet. Each individual will present one week’s worth of Sesquicentennial Moments.

Research consultation was provided by Dr. John Huddleston, Professor of history and Schreiner University Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Mr. Joe Herring, former mayor of Kerrville and noted scholar of Kerr County history. Schreiner University Advanced English Composition Class members included Becky Bonine, Lyndsey Gatza, Mindy McIntosh, John Sauer, Dana Whitmire, and Jarrell Williams.    


1. Monday, Sep 4
Joshua Brown, the “Father of Kerrville"
by Jarrell Williams – Joe Herring, narrator

2. Tuesday, Sep 5
Kerrville: A Town Built on Shingles
by John Sauer – Tim Summerland, narrator

3. Wednesday, Sep 6
Christian Dietert: Where There's a Mill, There's a Way
by Becky Bonnie – Fred Gamble, narrator

4. Thursday, Sep 7
The Beginnings of the YO Ranch
by Becky Bonnie – Kathleen Hudson, narrator

5. Friday, Sep 8
Tales of Glenn Rest Cemetery
by Lyndsey Gatza – Nathan Cone, narrator

6. Monday, Sep 11
Erich Riesel, Metal Magician
by John Sauer – Kathleen Hudson, narrator

7. Tuesday, Sep 12
Howard Butt founds a grocery empire
by Jarrell Williams – Joe Herring, narrator

8. Wednesday, Sep 13
World War I affects Kerr County
by Lyndsey Gatza – Fred Gamble, narrator

9. Thursday, Sep 14
The "Singing Brakeman" stops in Kerrville
by Jarrell Williams – Kathleen Hudson, narrator

10. Friday, Sep 15
The performing arts in Kerrville
by Becky Bonine – Tim Summerland, narrator

11. Monday, Sep 18
Captain Charles Schreiner
by Lyndsey Gatza – Joe Herring, narrator

12. Tuesday, Sep 19
The Texas Heritage Music Foundation
by Jarrell Williams – Kathleen Hudson, narrator

13. Wednesday, Sep 20
Camels invade Texas
by John Sauer – Fred Gamble, narrator

14. Thursday, Sep 21
The legacy of James Avery
by Dana Whitmire – Nathan Cone, narrator

15. Friday, Sep 22
Tales of the Texas Rangers
by Mindy McIntosh – Joe Herring, narrator

16. Monday, Sep 25
Summer fun at area camps
by Mindy McIntosh – Tim Summerland, narrator

17. Tuesday, Sep 26
The Harris Family
by Lyndsey Gatza – Tim Summerland, narrator

18. Wednesday, Sep 27
The Kerrville Folk Festival
by Mindy McIntosh – Kathleen Hudson, narrator

19. Thursday, Sep 28
The founding of Camp Mystic
by Mindy McIntosh – Kathleen Hudson, narrator

20. Friday, Sep 29
Captain Joseph Tivy
by Dana Whitmire – Tim Summerland, narrator  

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