Campus News 2006

For Immediate Release
September 8, 2006

Schreiner University Announces Record Enrollment  

Dr. Tim Summerlin in front of sign of 930 enrollmentSchreiner University officials announced today the university’s largest freshman class ever, 243 students, which contributed to the highest enrollment in the school’s history, 930 students. While the total enrollment reflects an increase of 13 percent over last fall’s 822, the freshman class increase is a remarkable 51 percent. Colleges and universities take official headcount on the 12th day of classes.

Schreiner, a Presbyterian-related liberal arts school, has added 12 sections of freshman level classes and three new faculty members to ensure that the 13:1 student/teacher ratio and personal attention the school is known for continue. Schreiner offers 23 majors and two master’s degrees.

Schreiner president Dr. Tim Summerlin said the growth is an important milestone that the school has been planning for.

“This fall's enrollment growth, particularly the remarkable freshman class, means so much to us,” he said. “It confirms the hard work that our staff has done in recent years to recruit effectively.

“It demonstrates that when you get your message out, there are many prospects and families who find ‘Learning by Heart’ a compelling one. And it means that Schreiner University is resolved to succeed in its commitment to grow to 1,200 students, a size that will better enable us to support the quality learning environment that we are known for,” Summerlin said.

“What are the reasons behind this success? Great leadership and hard work in our enrollment management area, Total involvement of the campus community in recruiting, and success in building better name recognition in our region,” Summerlin concluded.

Peg Layton, vice president for enrollment and student services, said the increase has brought a great deal of positive activity to the campus.  “For example, this year all of the positions for freshman class officers have multiple candidates where in the past there may have been only a handful of students running in total,” Layton said. “We are also seeing new life in many of the student organizations on campus due to the increased numbers. In the academic area we will be able to provide more classes because of the greater demand, providing all students with more options. Also, all of our athletic teams have full rosters and will be very competitive in our division this year.”

In addition to the impact the increased enrollment will have on campus life, it will also have an effect on the community at large.  Fred Gamble, Schreiner University vice president for administration and finance, said the additional students would add an $230,000 in direct spending to the local economy, a sum that will multiply in its economic impact.

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