Campus News 2006

For Immediate Release
September 14, 2006

Schreiner University Opens La Leche Lounge to Meet the Needs of Nursing Moms  

La Leche logoSchreiner students, faculty, and staff who are mothers of breastfeeding infants now have a facility on campus that enables them to either breastfeed their babies in private, or to express their breast milk for feeding at home.

The newly opened La Leche Lounge in the Guy Griggs building on the Schreiner campus is designed specifically to address the needs of breastfeeding mothers.

Moms who bring their babies to campus can breastfeed them in private, and those whose babies are cared for during the day can express and store their breast milk, so that there is no need to supplement breast milk with formula while the baby is with their caretaker.

For more information, please contact Arlene Gaitan, director of human resources at Schreiner, at 830-792-7375 or by e-mail at

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