Campus News 2008

For Immediate Release
February 20, 2008

Schreiner University to Begin Business Accelerator Program  

Schreiner University announced today that it is beginning a Business Accelerator program to assist the growth of local businesses.

The purpose of Schreiner University’s Business Accelerator is to positively impact Kerrville and Kerr County’s economic development by helping spur the growth of existing and new businesses.

The business accelerator process is usually one of assessment and evaluation, expert consultation, connections to human, capital and other needed resources and ongoing, part-time, knowledge, expertise and assistance as it may be required. In the initial phases of this process the Schreiner University Business Accelerator program will provide expert consultants and experienced managers to qualified, growth-oriented businesses at no cost.  

Warren Ferguson Warren Ferguson, Schreiner’s business accelerator manager, will lead the program. Ferguson has 22 years experience owning, founding and growing small businesses, and 25 years of experience in large global corporations.

“I’m pleased that Schreiner University is stepping up and sponsoring the Business Accelerator,” said Ferguson. “It is a place where people who want to grow their business, but are not sure how to go about it, can come for help and guidance. I look forward to working with others in the extended Schreiner community to help Kerrville/Kerr County businesses grow.”

Schreiner’s president, Dr. Tim Summerlin, said he expects the accelerator program to contribute meaningfully in the coming years.

“We at Schreiner University enjoy a superb, mutually beneficial relationship with our community,” Schreiner president, Dr. Tim Summerlin said. “When the decision was made to bring TXP (an Austin-based consulting company) to Kerr County to conduct research for an economic development plan, we knew that we wanted to help accomplish the resulting plan.

Although we are still at an early stage of responding to that report, Schreiner is proud to initiate a Business Accelerator on its campus to provide assistance to those businesses which seek to grow, improve their viability and thus enhance the local economy. It is a pleasure to ask Mr. Warren Ferguson, former board chair and owner/founder of several small businesses and experienced CEO of international corporations, to establish and manage the accelerator.

We will continue to develop additional ways in which to bring the university’s intellectual and physical resources to bear on the economic questions of our region.”

For more information regarding Schreiner’s Business Accelerator program, contact Warren Ferguson at 830-792-7464 or by e-mail at  

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