Campus News 2009

For Immediate Release
February 3, 2009

Schreiner and KCHC agree to share archives
Schreiner University’s William Logan Library and the Kerr County Historical Commission recently made a little history themselves by agreeing to work together in housing documents and making them available to the public. Logan Library also will digitize some of the material, which will be made available through its Lanham Digital Library. This is the first agreement of this kind in Texas and it is hoped it will serve as a model for other such collaborations.

“The Kerr County Historical Commission is very pleased to be involved in this pioneering collaboration with Schreiner University,” Joseph Luther, chairman of KCHC, said. “This is a tremendous technological innovation, especially for those seeking information and images of historical Kerr County. No longer packed away in moldering boxes in basements and attics, this significant collection of documents, photos and artifacts will be preserved, protected and accessible to all through the World Wide Web. We are no longer behind the wave of the digital age; we are that wave.”

Access to the non-digital archives will be by appointment with the Special Collections department during the library’s normal hours of operation.

“We are excited about working with the KCHC. It seems like a natural collaboration and I’m surprised we are the first university in the state to take advantage of such common interests and missions,” said Dr. Candice Scott, director of Logan Library. “The KCHC is a group of dedicated people intrigued by the challenges of documenting local history–that goal fits beautifully with our Hill County Special Collection and our Lanham Digital Library. This collaboration will allow us to extend our resources and better serve our students and the scholarly community. It’s a librarian’s dream project.”

For more information about Schreiner University and Logan Library, go to the University’s Web site at For more information about Kerr County Historical Commission, visit

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