Campus News 2009

For Immediate Release
January 21, 2009

Schreiner students help repair Ike damage

During the end-of-term break, 29 individuals gave up some of their holiday to go on a work trip to Galveston to help clean up the damage created by Hurricane Ike. The 23 student volunteers were accompanied by Eldon Sheffer, Schreiner director of church relations, and five members of First Presbyterian Church of Kerrville: Stan Cobbs, Ken Bruner, Tommy Tait, Tom Stoner and Stuart Loehmeyer. The Rev. Gini Norris-Lane, campus minister, arranged the trip for January so that the Schreiner group was among the earliest teams of volunteers. The participants all felt that the trip was well worthwhile. Alyssa Fordyce mentioned that “I touched so many people's hearts and made new friends. I felt needed in life for a great cause.”

Jerusalem Baptist Church Outside View Students returning from helping with hurricane Ike damage Group of students on benches Group on Alamo School Stage Jeep on Bolivar with Team Before Departure Casual

“Schreiner’s Campus Ministry is ecumenical,” Sheffer said, “and I can’t stress enough the ecumenical nature of this trip. The arrangements were made through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, we stayed with the faith-based group Good News Galveston, we worked under the guidance and direction of the United Methodist Committee of Relief and we worked on the Jerusalem Baptist Church.”
Schreiner volunteers also worked on four private residences and a boat owned by a group that does global medical relief work.

The volunteers chipped linoleum from concrete floors, removed wall board, stripped walls to the studs. There was four feet of standing water where the group worked, and they also dealt with mold problems, spraying a bleach solution on the stripped down walls. Because there was no power, the team needed to bring generators and light poles. They used shop vacs, but had to have the generators to make them work.
In addition to the repair work, the group also pitched in to help Good News Galveston, helping them prepare for more guests by bringing more cots and moving supplies, and helping in the kitchen and shelter at Alamo Elementary School, which has been converted to a residence for faith based volunteer groups.

The Schreiner Students who participated felt good about their ability to make a difference. Brittany Cardwell said, “This experience opened my eyes to something I have never experienced before, and I left Galveston with a wonderful feeling knowing that I was able to help many people in need. Rebecca Waters added, “Everyone in the group was so welcoming and encouraging and I know that my Christmas vacation was much better spent giving my time and effort to help hurricane victims than it would have been had I have stayed home watching TV all week.”

The experience was summed up by an electrician from another group of volunteers: “The owner gets the house, but we who perform the work get the blessing.”

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