Campus News 2009

For Immediate Release
June 2, 2009

Spelunkers’ congress coming to Schreiner

15th International Congress of Speleology logo

The 15th International Congress of Speleology, hosted by the National Speleological Society of the U.S.A., will take place on the Schreiner University campus July 19-26, bringing 1,500-2,000 cavers to Kerrville from all over the world. The theme of the event is “Karst Horizons.” Karst is landscape shaped by dissolving bedrock, such as limestone, and the Hill Country is a karst area.

Conference attendees will be camping at the back of the Schreiner grounds for the week, attending symposia and visiting Texas caves. There will be security fences set around two camping areas, as well as security for the areas, and Schreiner’s back gate will be closed during the congress.

The Congress will present 15 symposia on such topics as “Establishing Cave and Karst Protected Areas,” “Lava Caves,” “Archaeology and Paleontology in Caves” and “Evolution and Ecology of Salamanders in Karst.” ICS events are not open to the public, except for members of the public who have registered for the Congress. For information about ICS and registration, visit the Web site at A complete schedule of events is available at For more information about the National Speleological Society go to

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