Campus News 2009

For Immediate Release
September 18, 2009

Schreiner mansion, museum donated to Schreiner University

The Hill Country Preservation Society has donated the original home of Captain Charles Schreiner, founder of Schreiner University, to the university. Built by German craftsmen in 1879 and restored in the 1970s, the mansion has for some time been a museum of Hill Country and Kerrville history and the long-time project of Capt. Schreiner’s great-granddaughter, Josephine (Dodo) Schreiner Parker and the HCPS. The building is a Texas Historical Landmark and on the National Registry of Historic Places. Both the house and its contents are included in the gift to Schreiner University.

Clyde Parker, former Schreiner trustee and HCPS board member first broached the possibility of the donation. He and his wife Dodo envisioned a long-term future for the institution through the custodianship of the university. After consideration of legal and practical matters, Schreiner and HCPS came to an understanding some months ago with final closing completed this week.

“When Clyde Parker first suggested that the Hill Country Preservation Society was interested in donating its museum to Schreiner, I was delighted,” said Dr. Tim Summerlin, Schreiner’s president. “After all, this was the home of the man who made Schreiner University possible. And such a gift would give the university a presence in a downtown area rich with potential.

“Tremendous as the gift of the museum is, it entails significant responsibilities,” Summerlin added. “We have worked during the last year to demonstrate to our board of trustees how the Hill Country Museum can contribute to our mission and how we can manage it responsibly. I believe the coming years will demonstrate just how right it is for these two great institutions to come together. For that, we are most grateful to Dodo and Clyde Parker, whose recent deaths we still mourn, and to their family. Schreiner University needs to have a presence in downtown Kerrville to enhance our ongoing efforts to serve as a cultural and intellectual resource to the community.”

Scott Parker, Clyde and Josephine Parker’s son, said he is pleased with the University taking over the museum’s operation.

“As most people are aware, the Charles Schreiner Mansion would not have been restored as it now is and would not have been maintained and operated as it has been, but for the efforts of my mother, Josephine Schreiner “Dodo” Parker, and the contributions she and her husband, Clyde Parker, made together with the contributions and volunteer work of the many people associated with the Hill Country Preservation Society, whose names are too numerous to mention,” Parker said. “I think Dodo and the large number of descendants of Charles Schreiner are very pleased that the Mansion will now be owned and used by Schreiner University. I am confident that the University will be a great steward of this property, that the people of Kerrville will be able to visit and utilize the Mansion in new ways and that this historic home will continue to be the iconic structure of downtown Kerrville far into the future.”

Dr. Candice Scott, director of Schreiner’s William Logan Library, will oversee Schreiner’s acquisition of the museum.

“I’m very excited about Schreiner ‘adopting’ the museum,” she said. “A significant portion of the museum collection tells part of the story of the development of the Hill Country and the Schreiner family’s role in our local history. Both of those areas are of special interest to the university and to Logan Library. And since there is an intriguing overlap in the missions of libraries and museums, I think this event offers exciting possibilities for the school, our students and our community.”

Scott said that the University has no firm plans as yet though conversations have included using the building as an educational and event center, as well as a museum.

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