Campus News 2010

For Immediate Release
April 1, 2010

Sign up now for Schreiner summer school

Sign up now for Schreiner summer school
Schreiner University is offering 40 classes from 18 subject areas in its 2010 summer program and is encouraging college students and graduating high school seniors to register now for a fun and productive summer. Summer students can earn up to six credit hours and also enjoy access to the University library, the Mountaineer Fitness Center, other recreational facilities and a summer academic advisor who is on call every day.
Courses available through Schreiner’s summer program are ART1301 Principles of 2-Dimension, ART 1302 Principles of Drawing, ART 1340 Intro to Visual Arts, ART 2322 Intro to Clay, ART 3311 Printmaking, ART 3324 Intermediate Ceramics; BIOL 1102 Intro to Biology Lab, BIOL 1301 Concepts of Biology, BIOL 2331 Nutrition; BSAD 1301 Intro to Business, BSAD 3322 International Marketing, BSAD 3350 Organizational Behavior, BSAD 4364 Risk Management, BSAD 4366 Real Estate Finance; CHEM 1403 Into Chemistry & Lab; COMM 2301 Communication; ENGL 1302 Literature & Composition, ENGL 3303 Technical Communication, ENGL 3306 Creative Writing, ENGL 4306 Advanced Creative Writing; EXSI 1201 Individualized Fitness; HIST 1301 U.S. History I, HIST 1302 U.S. History II; IDST 2205 Critical Thinking, IDST 3260 Aesthetic Experience, IDST 4240 Global Issues; IS 2301 Computer Concepts & Applications; MATH 1310 College Algebra; MUSC 1105 Piano; PHIL 1310 Introduction to Ethics; POLS 2301 American Government, POLS 3398 Professional Internship; PSYCH 1301 Intro to Psychology, PSYCH 3350 Organizational Behavior; RELI 4398 Christian Vocation Internship; SPAN 1401 Elementary Spanish I, SPAN 1402 Elementary Spanish II; THRE 2301 Acting I, THRE 2302 Acting II, THRE 4398 Internship in Theatre.

Prospective students should call the Schreiner Office of Admission and Financial Aid at 830-792-7217 or go to the Schreiner Web site for more information about classes and registration.

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