Campus News 2010

For Immediate Release
April 22, 2010

Former Texas Ranger Hulse Honored by Schreiner

David Lindsey Hulse was named to the Schreiner University Athletic Hall of Honor at the annual Tribute to Schreiner Legends banquet April 17 at the University.

Hulse ’90 played baseball for Schreiner College under the school’s legendary first baseball coach, Bob Henry, and went on to play major league ball for the Texas Rangers after graduation. Actually, you could say it was major league baseball that brought him to Schreiner in the first place.

“I was at a major league baseball tryout camp for the Kansas City Royals that was being held at Schreiner,” he said. “At this camp you run, throw and hit so the team can see how good you are. We ran the 60-yard dash first and I ran the fastest 60 there. Right after that Coach Henry came up to me and said, ‘I will give you a full scholarship if you will come and play at Schreiner.’ That’s how I ended up going to Schreiner.”

Hulse was a business administration major and met his wife Helen ’90 while both were students at Schreiner. He played baseball on the Schreiner team for three years in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Conference.
“We went to the playoffs every year and had some pretty good teams,” he said. “We played many big schools such as Texas, TCU, Rice, Baylor, Notre Dame, and Dallas Baptist.”

In 1988 -1990, Hulse was named to the NAIA All District 4 First Team Outfield, as well as to NAIA Top Five in the Nation in stolen bases, doubles and triples in 1989. In 1990, he was named a baseball All American, and was again on first team outfield, as well as being named NAIA District 4 Player of the year. He was in the top five nationally in stolen bases, on-base percentage, batting average, doubles and triples. He also racked up three in-the park homers that year.

“Great speed got David many extra bases,” Coach Henry remembered. “He even stole home once during a play-off game.”

It was as much his attitude as his playing skills that made him so valuable a part of the Schreiner team.
“David had a personality that everyone, students and adults, wanted to be around,” Henry said. “He had a positive attitude about life in general and always had a smile on his face. He lived every day by his favorite scripture, Philippians 4:13. He had it on his bat, his book covers, everywhere.”

After graduation from Schreiner, Hulse was the Texas Rangers’ 13th round draft pick in 1990. He made it to the big leagues after playing only two years in the minors. The average time for a player to make that transition is three to five years. In 1993, he was a starting center fielder for the Rangers and led the American League Rookies in batting average and stolen bases that year.

In 1995, he went to the Milwaukee Brewers, where he started in center field 52 times, left field 67 times and right field 17 times, making him the only American League player to start at least 15 games in all three outfield positions. He was badly injured in 1996, diving for a ball, and he played AAA ball for year, retiring from baseball in 1999 with a lifetime major league batting average of .270 and a minor league average of .312.

Hulse now works Larry North Fitness in Southlake, Texas. And says his real passion now is “just raising my kids and watching them grow and develop both academically and in their athletics. They are both very athletic and both are exceptional soccer players on select soccer teams.”

“David was an outstanding player and is the type of person whose character is a positive influence on his friends, teammates and the sport of baseball,” said former teammate Nolan Ryan. “He is a proud representative of Schreiner University.”

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