Campus News 2010

For Immediate Release
April 22, 2010

Sam Lanham honored by Schreiner University

Fredericksburg resident Sam Lanham was named a Distinguished Alumnus of Schreiner University at the annual Tribute to Schreiner Legends banquet April 17 at the University. Lanham attended Schreiner for two years of high school and two years of college, graduating in 1951. He also has been a faculty member and trustee of the University, a benefactor to Schreiner’s Logan Library, an attorney and a Presbyterian minister.

Sam Lanham honored by Schreiner University“I grew up as a printer’s devil for the Victoria Advocate. I started out as a paperboy and printer’s devil was a step up from that,” said Lanham. “My grandparents told my folks they’d pay half of my tuition if I’d go to Schreiner. Mother drove me up here and through the campus and I loved it. A lot of my family went to Culver Military Academy; Schreiner was the alternative for me.”
Lanham lived in Hoon Hall in the same room that would be his office when he returned to Schreiner as a faculty member. His best friend and study buddy while he was here was Sam Junkin, future president of Schreiner.

“I came to Schreiner as sort of a country Baptist,” Lanham said, “but with Sam and a girlfriend were Presbyterian, so I left as a Presbyterian.”

He left Schreiner to get his BA and a law degree at Baylor University, and practiced law in Waco from 1955-64. Then he “fell from law to grace.”

Lanham taught law at the University of Texas while attending Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He became an associate professor at Schreiner in 1981, while also minister of Memorial Presbyterian Church in Fredericksburg.

“Pretty soon, both those jobs became full time,” he said, “and I felt I related better to teaching.”
He was a professor of business administration and interdisciplinary studies at Schreiner from 1981 until 1997.

“I also taught in 1998, after retiring,” Lanham said. “You can sort of retire one course at a time.”
Lanham served on Schreiner’s Board of Trustees in the 1970s.

During his time as a professor, Lanham received the Harriet Garret Award for Teaching Excellence, an award that is voted on by students, five times—in 1984, ’86, ’89, ’90 and ’91. In 1994, he was elected by students to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.

Lanham’s commitment to and influence on Schreiner did not end with his retirement from teaching. In 2006, he donated to Logan Library a collection of rare historical documents relating to Hill Country history. These documents were the foundation of the Sam Lanham Digital Library of Hill Country History, an online repository accessible through the Internet.

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