Campus News 2010

For Immediate Release
April 22, 2010

Schreiner Honors ‘Capt. Jack’ Stevens

The Schreiner Former Students Association awarded the Distinguished Service Award to Jack Marion Stevens ’43 at the Tribute to Schreiner Legends banquet during the University’s annual ‘Capt. Jack’ StevensRecall of alumni. Captain Jack, as he is affectionately known, was born in his grandparents’ home three doorsdown from the Schreiner University back gate and entered Schreiner Institute on a one-of-a-kind scholarship as the first son of a former student to attend Schreiner. His father, H.N. (Jack) Stevens ’24, was quarterback of Schreiner’s first football team and is a member of the Athletic Hall of Honor.

“When it came to light that I would be the first son of a former student to attend Schreiner, Dr. Delaney offered me a financial scholarship, which guaranteed my entrance,” Stevens said. “During the summer of 1941, I was one of about half a dozen prospective students who worked on the campus in a variety of jobs. We painted dormitory rooms, baled hay and cleaned the dairy cow lots. Without the scholarship and the job, my life might well have taken a different path.”

Stevens particularly remembered the Schreiner dances.

“I looked forward eagerly to becoming a ‘day-dodger’ at Schreiner if for no other reason than to qualify to attend the dances. My steady date for practically all the dances during 1941-42 was a Tivy senior, Frances Real, who was also the band drum major. Frances went on to the University of Texas while I went to the U.S. Naval Academy, and on June 12,1946, one week after graduation, we were married and as stories go, are living happily ever after.”

Before his first semester at Schreiner was over, the U.S. had entered World War II. In 1943, Stevens entered the Naval Academy and embarked on a 30-year career in the U.S. Navy. During his military career, Stevens was twice awarded the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star and the Joint Service Commendation Medal. He also received the Meritorious Service Medal and South Vietnamese Distinguished Order. He retired in 1976 with the rank of captain and he and his wife returned to the Hill Country.
In 1977, he was part of a group of local alumni invited to Schreiner to help form what is now the Schreiner Former Student Association. He served on the SFSA board from it inception through 1998, including several terms as treasurer. He has been chairman of the Recall committee and master of ceremonies for many Recall events over the years. In 1987, SFSA gave him its Outstanding Member Award.
That sentiment is echoed.  

“Jack has given his time and talent to the Schreiner Former Students Association for more than 25 years,” said Paul Camfield, associate director of alumni relations. “His wit and charm have made many a Recall event memorable. He is a beloved treasure to the SFSA and the University.”

“There is no question in my mind that Schreiner provided me with a much-needed transition in a particularly difficult and challenging time,” Stevens said. “With the transition came a strong foundation I have leaned on heavily. I am proud to have been—and I guess I still am—a Schreiner boy.”

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