Campus News 2010

For Immediate Release
January 4, 2010

Schreiner to close Hill Country Museum for three months

The Schreiner University Museum Advisory Committee has decided to close the Hill Country Museum from January 2-March 31, 2010, for cleaning, inventory and repairs. In the current plan, Schreiner will continue to maintain the ground floor of the building as a museum, while the upstairs will be used for university events, classes and lectures as well as being made available to the public for event rentals. The committee also is investigating what steps are necessary to make the building compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

The museum will have a grand reopening in April.

The Hill Country Preservation Society donated the building, which was the home of Captain Charles Schreiner, founder of Schreiner University, to the University in 2009, through the auspices of Clyde Parker, former Schreiner trustee and HCPS board member. Parker’s wife Dodo was Capt. Schreiner’s great-granddaughter.

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