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For Immediate Release
May 3, 2010

Schreiner Professor Awarded Prestigious Piper Award
Schreiner Professor Awarded Prestigious Piper AwardDr. Kathleen Hudson, an English professor at Schreiner University, has earned the prestigious 2010 Minnie Piper Stevens Award, honoring her as one of the top college educators in the state of Texas.

Hudson has been a highly respected member of the Schreiner University faculty since 1987 and is also the director of the Texas Heritage Music Foundation, a nonprofit housed on the Schreiner campus. She has also published two books and organizes Texas Heritage Living History Day, the Texas Writers Conference and many other community-wide events.
“Teaching has been my calling since I was four years old,” said Hudson. “As an ‘enabler of learning,’ I have felt daily joy to have the privilege of participating in what is possible for human beings in this world. Lighting a fire, not filling a pail, is the approach I have always taken. Schreiner has been a place for me to share, grow, learn, contribute and participate. This award is a reminder of my higher calling and the future I am choosing is more years of learning.”

Established in 1958, with eight awards, the roster of Piper Professors includes outstanding professors from two and four-year colleges and universities, public and private. The private, nonprofit Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation, started in 1950 with oil businessman Randall Gordon Piper and his wife Minnie Stevens Piper as principal donors, operates the Piper Professors Program to honor college educators for outstanding scholarly achievements and exceptional dedication.

Fifteen awards of $5,000 each are made annually to professors for superior teaching at the college level. Selection is made on the basis of nominations submitted by each college or university in Texas.

“The addition of Dr. Kathleen Hudson to the roster of Piper Professors at Schreiner University is timely recognition,” said Schreiner president Dr. Tim Summerlin. “A professor of English, Dr. Hudson is a teacher who understands the complex and varied ways by which human beings learn, and she delights in exploiting them all to draw out the best in her students. This is true not only in the formal classroom setting, but also through her Coffeehouses, Living History Day and many other informal learning activities. Hurrah for Kathleen Hudson! She demonstrates what Learning by Heart is all about.”

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