Campus News 2010

For Immediate Release
September 13, 2010

Texas Water Symposium: Legislative Action Affecting Water Resources on September 30th at the Texas State Capitol

Texas water policy and the upcoming legislative session will be the focus of the first in a series of four symposia about water issues in Texas. State Representative Harvey Hilderbran will moderate a panel discussion at 7:00 pm on Thursday, September 30th in the Capitol Auditorium located in the Texas Capitol Extension in Austin.

Panel participants State Representative Doug Miller (Central Hill Country) and State Representative Bill Callegari (Houston area) both serve on the House Natural Resource Committee, whose charges during the interim session include regional and state water management policies, will comment about the committee’s work and what to expect during the regular session which will convene in January. Also invited; State Senator Troy Fraser (Horseshoe Bay, Hill Country) recently appointed Chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, and Senator Uresti (San Antonio to El Paso), also serving on the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

Water, essential for life, is our most precious and valuable natural resource. But water supply is limited and under increasing pressure from a growing population. How will we protect this resource and plan for a sustainable future? There is a great need for a water-literate public; decisions being made today have far reaching and long lasting effects for our children and future generations.

The 2010-2011 Texas Water Symposium Series will provide perspectives from policy makers, scientists, water resource experts and regional leaders. Join us as we explore together, the complexity and challenges in providing water for Texans in this century. Each session is free and open to the public. The hour-long program begins at 7:00 pm, followed by discussion time with Q&A. The events are recorded and aired on Texas Public Radio one week later.

The annual Texas Water Symposium series is co-sponsored by Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas Tech University, Texas Public Radio and the Hill Country Alliance.

Three additional symposia are scheduled as follows:

Session Two – November 11, 2010
Texas Tech University, Hill Country University Center Bldg, Fredericksburg
The Insidious and Stealthy Water Thieves of Texas: Invasive species impacts on resources, economics and ecosystems
Moderator: Carter Smith, Executive Director, Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept
Panelists: Jim Bergan, TNC; Earl Chilton, TPWD and Tom Arsuffi, Texas Tech Univ.

Session Three – January 27th, 2011
Witte Museum, San Antonio co-hosted and sponsored by the Witte Museum
Tradeoffs in Sustainability in the 21st Century: Energy at the Currency of Water at the Expense of Power.
Moderator: Robert Potts, Dixon Water Foundation
Panelists: Les Shephard, CARE; Amy Hardberger, EDF and John Brocksch, Aquifer Group

Session Four – March 31st, 2011
Schreiner University, Callioux Campus Activity Center, Kerrville Texas
River Watch Programs and Activities in the Hill Country: How Local Communities Take Care of Their Rivers and Water
Moderator – Andy Sansom (Texas Rivers Institute)
Panelists: Dianne Wassenich (San Marcos River), Robert Brischetto (Medina River), Tyson Broad (S. Llano Watershed Alliance)

For more information about the series, check the Web at,  or contact Bob Hickerson or Dr. Tom Arsuffi at 325-446-2301,  or; or Amy Armstrong at 830-792-7405 or

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