Campus News 2010

For Immediate Release
September 9, 2010

Schreiner awarded grants from NSF, Arete Initiative

Schreiner University has received a $475,727 grant from the National Science Foundation for “Moody Scientific Research Lab Renovation” and will allow Schreiner to make renovations to what is not only a teaching lab, but also a site for ongoing faculty and undergraduate research. The grant describes the renovation as “facilitating the space’s use as an epicenter of research and research training in an underserved region.” The grant proposal was a team effort among chemistry faculty, Kiley Miller, Ph.D., Danette Vines and Ph.D. Robert Holloway, Ph.D., as well as Beth Bourland, Schreiner associate director of development for foundation relations.

“Schreiner University has continuously strived for excellence and quality in education,” said Dr. Kiley Miller, who is heading up the project. “Through the grant funds from the National Science Foundation, Schreiner will provide another useful tool in the educational process. Some of the highlighted research coming from Schreiner professors will be organic synthesis of anti-HIV analogs (Dr. Danette Vines), using analytical instrumentation to quantify vitamin-E in cosmetic products (Dr. Kiley Miller) and analyzing mixtures of fatty acid methyl esters (Dr. Bob Holloway). Hill Country residents support Schreiner indirectly through federal taxes. I like to think that some of our Hill Country dollars are coming back to us to support this pursuit of educational excellence and quality.”

“We are extremely pleased to be taking the chemistry program in a new direction and to be providing some wonderful research opportunities for our students,” Dr. Diana Comuzzie, dean of the Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics and professor of biology at Schreiner, said. “This grant is the product of several years’ worth of work and builds on work accomplished under the support of the Welch Foundation. Some very exciting things are happening at Schreiner University, and this is one shining example.”

The University of Chicago Arete Initiative has awarded Dr. Adam Feltz, assistant professor of philosophy and interdisciplinary studies, a $200,000, two-year grant for the project “The Heuristics of Virtue—Integrating Virtue Ethics and the Science of Heuristics.” Feltz said his project addresses questions such as “Why do we think Mother Theresa virtuous and Bernie Madoff vicious? Can we educate our children to be more like Mother Theresa and less like Bernie Madoff? Can we create environments that elicit behaviors more like Mother Theresa's and less like Bernie Madoff's?”

The grant will allow Feltz to further develop the research he and his students have been pursuing through Schreiner’s Behavioral Philosophy Lab. Feltz’s other co-principle investigators are Dr. Edward Cokely (cognitive psychology, Michigan Technological University) and Dr. Julian Marewski (computational modeling, Max Planck Institute for Human Development).

“Both of these projects speak to the faculty’s commitment to make Schreiner University a leader in designing high-impact educational environments that cultivate student learning and excellence,” said Dr. Charlie McCormick, Schreiner provost and vice president of academic affairs. “Both projects increase the University’s capacity to engage undergraduate students in undergraduate research, a pedagogical practice that has been shown to positively impact student learning, motivation and sense-of-self.”

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