Campus News 2012

For Immediate Release
April 19, 2012

Schreiner freshmen tutor local 4th grader

Adult and youth female in study session

Two Schreiner students studying French are passing their knowledge along to a local 4th grader by tutoring her once a week in Logan Library. The Schreiner freshmen, Angela Divin, from Pleasanton, Texas, and Adrianna Velez, from San Antonio, are longtime friends who went to the same high school, where they also studied French. Schreiner French instructor Lori Mayles-Wells had a call from a parent who wanted French lessons for her daughter, Megan Maxon. Mayles-Wells asked Divin and Velez if they were interested in tutoring and they liked the idea. They are also doing this as their semester 2 project, and will be demonstrating their progress in the Schreiner Academic Showcase. Megan said she wanted to learn French because she wants “to live in Paris” someday. Her tutors said she is studious and “catches on very quickly.

Photo right:  Schreiner freshmen Adrianna Velez (left) and Angela Divin (not pictured) meet once a week to tutor 4th grader Megan Maxon in French.

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