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February 28, 2012

Schreiner Acquires Weston Farm Property

Schreiner University officially became owners of the adjacent Weston property, including the house and outbuildings, on Feb. 1, 2012. The property is located behind the Schreiner sports fields at the back of the campus.

“Seldom does a place of learning have the opportunity to acquire adjoining property, and we are eager to make educational use of the Weston property promptly,” said Dr. Tim Summerlin, Schreiner’s president. “Much is still in the dreaming and planning stage, but we have immediate plans to support our field biology program by locating tanks to be used for research projects on the site.

Ultimately, the site can support studies in programs such as animal behavior, field ecology, herpetology, organismal biology and independent research projects. The property will be a boon for the work of Schreiner and its faculty in many ways.”
Schreiner will also keep and maintain the buildings, for which plans also are being made.

Summerlin said the acquisition process began two years ago in response to inquiries from realtor Harvey Brinkman. Conversations with Mr. Charles Arnold, whose wife Lou (step-granddaughter of Malachi Weston, the original owner) and nieces were the owners.

“Ultimately we found a way to purchase the property at a price and on terms manageable for us and satisfactory to them, as they truly preferred to see Schreiner as the owner,” he said. “Appropriately, they are receiving charitable gift credit for a portion of the appraised cost.”

Almost 70 years ago, Weston had sold/gifted contiguous acreage to Schreiner Institute, of which the University still owns only a lane that connects Main Street to Singing Wind.

“After 70 years of being connected to Weston Farm, it was not an easy decision to sell it,” Lou Arnold said. “We knew we didn’t want to sell to just anyone. We were more interested in selling to someone who would want to preserve the history. When Dr. Summerlin approached us with his proposal, we knew immediately this would be the perfect way to preserve Mr. Mack’s legacy and protect our memories. The farm would become ‘Weston Park’ and an integral part of Schreiner University. I feel Mr. Mack would be very pleased.”

“A spirit similar to Mr. Weston’s motivated the Arnold family to enable property that they love to become a part of the university they also love,” Summerlin said. “For that, we are grateful.”. For more information, visit our website at or call the Office of Admission at 830-792-7217.

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