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For Immediate Release
September 5, 2012

Schreiner University receives donation from Riverside Nature Center

The Riverside Nature Center recently donated taxidermied mounts and other objects to the Trull School of Sciences & Mathematics at Schreiner University, where the items now will serve as learning tools for students.

Schreiner University receives donation from Riverside Nature Center

The mounts, which were moved to Schreiner University in late August, include a bobcat, a hog-nosed skunk, a gray fox, a ringtail, a swamp rabbit and four squirrels. The Riverside Nature Center also donated a mouflon sheep skull, Texas walking sticks, a wasp nest and a set of seeds and nuts along with two large display cases. The newest additions found a home in the Trull Science Building.

“We recently received a grant from the Hill Country Charity Ball and are starting our renovations,” said Mary Muse, executive director of the Riverside Nature Center. “They’re very nice specimens, but they took up quite a bit of space in our lobby. We’re so delighted to give them to Schreiner.”

According to Dr. Chris Distel, assistant professor of biology, the newest arrivals aren’t just for looks — they’ll also be used for teaching purposes.

“These new materials will allow our students to interact closely with elements of animals that they would not otherwise be able to do,” Distel said. “I mean, how many students get to say they know what a bobcat looks like because they have seen and touched a bobcat’s pelt?”

Although the Riverside Nature Center is ready to upgrade its look, Muse says she is excited the animals have found a new home.

“We’re so delighted the animals have been warmly welcomed,” she said. “It is very gratifying to be able to donate them, and hopefully it’ll mean a fresh new look for Schreiner.”

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