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September 7, 2012

Schreiner University Reports Record Enrollment for New Academic Year

This fall, Schreiner University has experienced record enrollment numbers, regardless of the sluggish economy that still persists.

Schreiner University Reports Record Enrollment for New Academic Year 

Schreiner’s total enrollment for the 2012-13 academic year is 1,126—a 4.5 percent increase over last year—with 997 full-time undergraduate students.

“We find, not surprisingly, that families are considering college choices even more carefully than in the past,” said Dr. Tim Summerlin, president of Schreiner University. “In a number of cases, they also are waiting longer to make a final decision. Our enrollment numbers continue to grow, and we celebrate that fact. At the same time, we are being asked to make the case for the value of the investment in a Schreiner education, and we find families very attentive to financial aid. These are reasonable expectations, and all the more so given the difficult economy. That is why we are so pleased to see that many of them do find that value at Schreiner.”

According to Dr. Charlie McCormick, provost and vice president of academic affairs, Schreiner’s ongoing enrollment growth is a result of many factors, and one of those is the improving retention rate, which is up to 71 percent over last year’s 64 percent.

“More students who start with us are continuing with us,” he said. “I think much of this is a result of enhancements the faculty continue to make toward the educational experience at Schreiner, including increased opportunities for working on undergraduate research, a commitment to providing students with advising that goes well beyond simply scheduling courses and creating learning environments that prepare students to successfully address big, complex issues that will arise in their professional and civic lives.”

According to Peg Layton, vice president for enrollment and student services and dean of students, the Greystone program—a preparatory program for students wishing to earn an appointment to one of the U.S. military academies—grew as well, going from 26 students last year to 43 this year. “Our freshmen class has stayed steady at 272 full-time freshmen, which we were pleased to see.”

Summerlin believes Schreiner’s growth will continue in years to come because of what the university has been able to accomplish thus far and what it hopes to achieve in the future.

“I am excited to anticipate the graduation of our first Bachelor of Science Nursing class,” Summerlin said. “I am also excited by the way our whole campus takes responsibility for and participates in our students achieving a set of expected learning outcomes through our academic programs and co-curricular learning experiences. This task is central to better demonstrating the value of a Schreiner education.”

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