Campus News 2013

For Immediate Release
August 14, 2013

SU in top 200 of Forbes’ Annual Top Colleges 2013 list

Schreiner University ranks No. 155 out of 925 universities with a financial GPA of 3.308 and financial grade of “B” in the Forbes magazine article “Is Your College Forbes Going Broke? The Most and Least Financially Fit Schools in America.”

The grades are a result of the analysis of balance sheets and operational strength of each college. The distribution of grades among institutions is: 128 universities earned an A; 253, B; 436, C; and 108, D.

President of Schreiner University, Dr. Tim Summerlin, is pleased with the financial health ranking of the institution, but does not plan to stop striving to improve Schreiner and its fiscal growth.

“I would fully expect that any measure of fiscal health would give Schreiner high marks. Since no enterprise can accomplish its mission without managing its affairs well, I am pleased by any analysis that recognizes that Schreiner University is well managed,” he said. “There is always room for improvement, and improvement is a continuing goal. For instance, we continue to expand sources of revenue to take pressure off of tuition. We have reduced the cost of our debt recently, giving us greater flexibility. We have found critical areas for cost reduction to allow us to direct our spending to our priorities—support for programs, personnel and scholarships. Strategically, the biggest thing we can do to improve our long-term financial strength will be to increase our endowment – something we are addressing with our comprehensive campaign.”

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