Campus News 2013

For Immediate Release
December 13, 2013

MEd Grad Honored Anna Norris

Schreiner University Master of Education student Anna Norris might have started her career in technology, but she has found her true calling in the education system.

Recently, Norris was awarded as the Secondary Teacher of the Month for November by Center Point ISD. The award was given on merits of enthusiasm, creativity in teaching methods and the willingness to be readily available to tutor students before and after school.

Norris, who graduated from college in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, had always considered education as a career option but kept it on the backburner until she decided to go back to work after starting a family.

“I’d always thought about education as a career, and I’m excited because education is so rewarding,” she said. “One day I think I’d like to get into administration or even teach at the college level.”