Campus News 2013

For Immediate Release
November 19, 2013

Dr. Karen Taylor Backor of Schreiner University named Blumberg Scholar

Dr. Backor & Ed PajakDr. Karen Taylor Backor, assistant professor of education and coordinator of field experiences at Schreiner University, recently was honored at the annual meeting of the Council of Professors of Instructional Supervision (COPIS) as a Blumberg Scholar, an award given to doctoral students or recent graduates for outstanding research. COPIS held this year’s annual meeting at Penn State University.

Photo right:  Dr. Backor & Ed Pajak who presented the award

Dr. Backor’s award was based on her Ph.D. dissertation research on how university principal preparation programs can prepare aspiring principals to be instructional leaders. In her research, Dr. Backor interviewed professors of instructional leadership, principals, and teacher leaders identified by an expert panel as outstanding instructional leaders, and created a model for principal preparation based on those interviews. Dr. Backor received the award at the conference’s opening dinner and presented her research to conference participants the following day.

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